5 Amazing WhatsApp updates are coming in a few months. Check out !

5 Amazing WhatsApp updates are coming in a few months. Check out !

5 Amazing WhatsApp updates are coming in a few months. Check out !

Since Facebook acquired WhatsApp, the messaging mobile app has been constantly updated with new features and developments. Now, a few more changes have been done, all on the way to the beta testers of the applications.

The new update of WhatsApp will bring a new feature Picture in Picture (PiP) mode in the application and a new option to privately send the message to the group. Other than these major updates, there are few new updates are Shake to report feature, Tap to unblock user feature and invite via link feature.

As all the above features have made it for the beta users, the features should reach the stable build in the few month’s time.

Let’s talk more about all the features one by one:

1- PiP (Picture in Picture) mode for Video Calls: With this feature, users can continue with a WhatsApp video call in a minimized format. It means you can use another app while having a video call on WhatsApp. That video is in the form of floating window and user can adjust that window as per their need. Currently, the user cannot leave the call without pausing the video. 

2- Private Replies in group chats: Members of a WhatsApp group chat can respond to messages privately. To use this option, one will just have to tap on the small arrow on the top right of the particular message and opt for ‘Reply Privately’ option.

3- Tap to Unblock: This new feature will let the user can unblock the contact by just long pressing on that particular contact and sending a message to the contact.

4- Invite by Link: Using this feature the admin of WhatsApp group can invite a person to the group by sending them a link to the group. With this method, the new member can be added directly to the group.

5- Shake to report: Using the device’s sensors, this feature will open the Contact Us section on the application to report any inconsistencies or bugs


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