5 perfect tools for Entrepreneur to get more Business

5 perfect tools for Entrepreneur to get more Business

Are you planning to start your Business? If yes, then you should aware of all the free tools that available on the internet and trust me these tools will help you to take your Business in right direction and also help you to done all the work in easier way. So, take a look at below tools and make your plans for your Business for 2017.

1. MadmimiMadmimi is a tool for email marketing. It is the easiest platform for business owners to create, send and track emails online. With use of this you can send unlimited emails to your contacts for free.

2. Hiver Hiver turns your Gmail into helpdesk. By using this you can track all your tasks in a sidebar and from their you can assign that task to your teammates also. Hiver is free to use up to three users.

3. Google Analytics- Google Analytics is a perfect tool for all kind of Business. In this you can track your complete website’s visitors, see how long they have used your website, which page of the website is visited more and from which location even you can check the OS of their device as well.

4. SurveyMonkey- SurveyMonkey is used for taking surveys on any topic, industries. SurveyMoneky is not for entrepreneurs only this tool is for every Business owners to get the result form their audience about their services / /products. SurveyMonkey is very easy to use. Users can create, design and publish their survey in minutes and then, SM analyzes the result for users.

5. Evernote- Evernote is very important tool for everyone. In this you can save your notes in any format and share that notes with anyone in your contact list. The most important factor of Evernote is that you can access all your notes from any device because that notes are saved on the cloud.

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