Do this 5 things if you want a good salary increments this year

Do this 5 things if you want a good salary increments this year: As per the reports, in India employees are expected to get the salary increments of just 9.5 percent this year. It shows that appraisal structure is in a dark this year. Most IT companies and E-commerce firms are cutting their costs by firing employees or shifting them to other processes to raise expertise level. In this article I’m sharing with you some tips to get a good salary hikes or increments from your current employer.

Salary Increment Process: 

To get the best salary increment, you should know the appraisal process / system in the organization in which you work. You can ask your boss about all the flexibilities and what is the main criteria to get a good salary hike. By doing this you can prepare yourself for your salary appraisal interview in advance.

Straight conversation with your Boss: 

You should remember that a salary appraisal would be possible if you’ve achieved your previous work objectives and meet that benchmark. There should be proper discussion in this regards to your boss. Instead of submitting this case in a document you should ask for a face to face interaction with your boss.

Try to find extra work & responsibilities: 

Always ready for the extra work and responsibilities given by your boss. This can be a plus point for you at the time of appraisal interview. This approach is likely to put in a better position to ask for a good hike in your salary.

Check Salary of your colleagues: 

Do some research to check what salary other employees are getting in your organization with same amount of experience, education and responsibilities. After doing comparison, if you find that you’re underpaid then show this to your boss. Show your skills, work ideas and new clients you’ve brought in the organization.

Revamp your skills: 

Keep upgrading your skills and knowledge according to the latest technologies and market trends, trust me this will help you to grow in that organization in which you’re work. By doing this you can increase your knowledge and you’ll always be stand out from others.

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