7 ways to earn extra income while you sleep

In this world, everyone is looking for money and work for money. Whenever someone needs extra income everyone suggest go for ‘part time job’. But for this job you’ve to put extra energy and time except from your 9 to 5 schedule.

I know myself I can’t, and I know everyone is busy in their fixed tight schedule. But if you want to earn passive income while you sleep, for that you may need some ideas to earn extra income with little efforts and investment of your time.

Here I’m sharing with you few ideas that help you to get some extra income, I’m sure, you’ll find two or three ideas that work in your situation.

1) Create YouTube videos- This is an area where you can grow rapidly. Create your own YouTube videos about any area that you like – music, any tutorials, cooking, and comedy, dance anything you want, and then upload them on YouTube. You can now use Google AdSense on those videos, which will display automatic ads on your videos. When any viewer clicks on those ads, AdSense will provide you money.

2) Try for affiliate marketing- With this method you can earn passive income if you have blogs and any active websites. On your website you can promote some products and any services, for which you’ll get either a flat income or a percentage of amount when any sale completed. You can use website ClickBank to find affiliate offers and specially find the products and services that relevant to your website.

3)  Sell your photos on the Web- If you’ve an interest in photography, then your photos will help you to get a passive income. Create a gallery of your photos and upload it on the websites such as Shutterstock and iStockphoto. These two are the platforms where you can sell your photos. For each of your photo that is sold to client site then they may offer a percentage amount or a flat income to you. With this way, a single photo could give you a cash flow since it can be sold again and again. You just have to make a photos portfolio on these websites, then you’ll get regular income from these website.

4) Commit an eBook- This follows to a lot of work, but once you write your eBook and marketed then it can provide you passive income for years. You can either sell your eBook on your website or any website that provides this platform. You can also offer it as an affiliate arrangement with other website that relevant to your content of the book.

5) Sell your own products or services – If you’re a manufacture of any product or any service, then you can sell those on any E-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart. You can build your own E-commerce website if you’ve good numbers of products. Apart from this, you can also sell it on an affiliate basis, either by offering direct to websites and Blogs.

6) develop an app- Mobile apps are like best friends for everyone. Just think about it how many people have smartphones. Everyone is downloading mobile apps like crazy. If you’ve any creative idea with some uniqueness, you can make a passive income for so many years. Don’t know how to code? No worries, you can hire a developer, it could be an expansive idea but it gives a professional look to your app.

7) Produce an Online Course- If writing articles and photography isn’t your thing, not to worries, remember this ‘everyone is good at something’. You can create an online course about your passion. There are so many platforms on internet where you can produce and host your own online course. One of the easiest platform udemy.com, you can upload here your online course; around nine million students are on Udemy. Once your course is published, you can earn money while you sleep.

I’ve provided some ideas to earn extra income; I hope there is something useful for everyone.

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