Apple iPhone X now available in India for pre-booking, Prices Start at Rs 89,000

Apple iPhone X now available in India for Pre-booking, Prices Start at Rs 89,000: 

Finally, Apple’s most awaited iPhone X is coming to India. The American Tech giant has started pre-booking for the iPhone X in India by 27th of October. Apple’s flagship will be available for pre-order in across 55 countries. India is among the first countries to receive the device.

Interested buyers can pre-book the iPhone X both online and offline. The two marketplace giant of India Amazon & Flipkart will be offering the device online and the pre-orders of this device go live simultaneously with the rest of the world.

To book offline, buyers can go to any authorized Apple retailer to pre-book the device. Flipkart has already listed the device on their website with the price tags and a ‘coming soon’ sign.

The iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone ever launched by the Apple with starting price of Rs 89,000 and the price goes beyond Rs 1 Lakh for the higher variant.

Apart from edge to edge display, the phone also comes with little perks and compromises of its own. The biggest compromise is in the form of no fingerprint sensor. To Reimburse, Apple provides a Face ID feature that lets users unlock the device by simply using their face. Apple claims that this feature is as accurate the fingerprint sensor.

Now, the major sacrifice is the lack of Home Button on the iPhone X. To accommodate the full screen of iPhone X, Apple had to do away with their traditional home button; the single button on the front panel. However, Apple has used an impressive list of gestures which make the interface smooth.

The Front camera of the iPhone X is slightly better than that of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. This is because of Face ID technology introduced in iPhone X that provides “True Depth” in selfies.

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