Launch of Bdiapers Hybrid Cloth Diapers, the healthiest diapering option available in India

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Bangalore based Startup Bdiaper is India’s first and only hybrid cloth diaper that can hold a disposable (or washable) insert. These work in a patented 3-part system with a cloth cover and chemical-free disposable inserts that keeps the baby rash free and healthy.

Bdiapers provides a diapering system that allows you to enjoy the convenience of disposables with the health of cloth. Bdiapers also offers a complete range of healthy diapering solutions for conscious, green parents.

We talked to Amrita Vaswani (Founding Partner) about this amazing idea & products and she had the following to say:-

How did your company start?

Bdiapers is a labour of love started by me, a mother of two boys and a passionate proponent of natural parenting. Having a child prone to rashes with commercial disposables, I was constantly looking for a rash free, leak-proof diapering solution that did not break the bank. I was tired of the constant washing of cloth diapers and the organic diapers were too expensive for regular use. It was then that I started to work on a design of diapers that was affordable, healthy, eco-friendly, and convenient at the same time. The company launched its first collection in May 2020. 

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What was the vision behind it?

The core vision behind Bdiapers is to give moms the option to choose from what they feel is comfortable and healthy for themselves and their babies. We want to incorporate modern convenience in traditional products that are safe, affordable, and eco-friendly. Our core belief is that every baby is different and we wish to be a part of every evolved parents’ healthy parenting journey.

Hybrid Vs Ordinary

The idea of a Hybrid Diaper came to me when I had my first baby in the US. I started the business in 2013 bringing the first Modern Cloth Diaper in India under the brand name “Bumchum”, but soon realized that mothers like myself were finding it difficult to commit to cloth diapers and the work that came with keeping them absorbent. I then started the design of Bdiapers with a home machine and a tailor and launched the brand in 2020.

Market/industry details/ Revenue Model:

The Indian diaper industry is pegged at 5Bn growing at 5.8% CAGR. With Covid-19 awareness parents are getting conscious about the choices they make in products that impact the health of their children and the world they will grow up in. With the rise of the Make in India campaign, several new brands have emerged in the baby space that has propelled growth within the category. Bdiapers is mostly available online through B2B eCommerce channels and through the company website.

bdiaper mugshots

They also sell through some retail stores in Nagaland through a distributor. Everything is in the price range of Rs 199/- – Rs1399/-and we cater to an entire range of healthy diapering solutions which includes rash balms, baby wipes, diaper bags, and other accessories apart from our Hybrid Diapers.  

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Why should people choose your product/services?

Bdiapers Hybrids are the healthiest, most eco-friendly diapers available in India. They are best suited for babies sensitive to rashes from chemicals in disposables. With the option to use a disposable or washable insert, these diapers provide the convenience of disposables and the health of cloth in a single affordable product 

The cloth covers are trim, and do not need a daily wash hence are better than the regular cloth diapers. The disposable inserts are made from plant cellulose and are chemical-free. The cloth + disposable system allows for the passage of air thereby reducing the growth of allergies and bacteria

The brand also offers a complete range of unique, healthy diapering solution for conscious, green parents.

Bdiapers products 

Difficulties which you have
faced or you are facing.

Like every startup that has started operations this year, 2020 has been a challenging year for us as well. Since starting our store in May 2020, we have faced issues with factories closing down, losing good people, and such hurdles. We have had to improvise, hustle, and in a lot of places take the hit on the high prices of trims without compromising on quality. That said, the only challenge for us is to provide a leak-proof, rash-free diapering solution that does not break the bank. We ensure health for our little patrons as our utmost priority and each and every product is carefully designed keeping in mind their safety and convenience.  

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How your company is helping India to grow?

Over time we want to create a community of like-minded mothers who are able to support each other and reassure each other of the great job they are all doing as mothers. Aside from that, we have moved our operations locally and all our products are completely made in India.  Over time we are looking at introducing diapers with Indian art forms like Chikan and Block print to revive some of this creativity that has gotten lost in the new age of fast fashion. We hope to promote our local art forms and our unique creativity from our diapers in the global market. 

Any awards?

We are speaking with a few certifying agencies to get a green certificate for our disposable inserts. We were selected as the top cloth diaper brand by Kidsstoppress for the last 3 years and we recently secured the Facebook small business grant awarded to 30,000 promising startups across the world working in the healthcare space. We have also been selected in the Amazon launchpad as an emerging startup in this ecosystem.

Hybrid Cloth diaper

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Message to other entrepreneurs

Our challenges are slightly different from mainstream career choices, yet we all go through the same course of fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. 

I am not in any position yet to give advice however at Bdiapers the only thing that has kept us going through this year is the fact that we all love what we do, and whether we make it or not is important as long as we enjoy the journey. 

Bdiaper products are available on Amazon, Firstcry, Hopscotch, and Flipkart. You can read about us on or you can contact us on our Facebook, Insta, or for any questions. You can WhatsApp us on +91 9902981296.

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