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4 Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

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I believe that some beauty products are tailor-made just for you. Once you find the one product that pairs perfectly with your personality, it’s hard to replace it with anything else!

Read on to know more about my 4 quintessential favourites:

1- Trnatva Beeswax Moisturizer:

My skin tends to get really dry. I have tried all kinds of moisturizers in the past; but when I discovered this beeswax-based moisturizer, I had expected another greasy, Vaseline-like balm. To my surprise, it wasn’t! This product is now an unputdownable item in my travel and daily routine.

What I love about it:

  • High blending ability and long durability: It absorbs really well into my skin, and stays on for a good long while, considering I sanitise my hand’s plenty of times throughout the day. 
  • Great on dry, cracked skin: It works especially well on cracked heels and rough elbows and during winters. 
  • Zero artificial additives: The fact that it does not have any artificial fragrance or colors, makes it a really good all-natural product, at par with chemical-based moisturising lotions.

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2- Seer Secrets Lip Plumper:

This lockdown has changed us and we all have become makeup-free pajama peeps. It’s a good break from the chemicals that invariably get internalised into our systems through cosmetic routines, but the need to stay dazzling through the day still remains a top priority. I like to use a neutral/transparent Earthy Selections seer secrets lip balm before applying any lipstick. But then, I came across this ooh-so-delicious blend of raw mango, paprika, and mint in a small pot.

What I love about it:

  • Translucent but visible pop of colour: The lip plumper renders my lips a fiery but natural rosy hue.
  • Refreshing feel on lips: The interesting ingredients leave a cool, tingling sensation you get when you drink Aam Panna.
  • Works as a lip moisturiser: I don’t need to apply any lip balm prior. The all-natural product smooths and calms down chapped lips, and stays on for a long time. Plus, it’s gentle enough for daily use!

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3- L’Oréal Paris Paris Flash Cat Eye Eyeliner – Black:

Liquid or gel-based eyeliners are not my things. Hell, I mess up the most basic strokes when it comes to eye makeup. It’s when this handy eyeliner pen came to my rescue. This is literally the most irreplaceable beauty product in my purse because it defines my eyes so beautifully! I like to top my winged eyeliner with a pop of colour. Echt Beauti’s Tinge Eye Pencil in Viper Green colour gives an HD finish that ensures I stand out even in the most boring of Zoom meetings.

What I love about it:

  • Long-lasting colour: Intense black strokes that don’t smudge up like kajal/kohl even after 24 hours.
  • Easy application: Even with the most shaky of hands, I never can go wrong with this piece of artistry.
  • Travel-friendly: It doesn’t spill like liquid eyeliners. As handy as a pencil, and as flawless as a fountain pen!

4- Siachen Hibiscus Hair Serum:

OK, I’m a total sucker for hair care products. Hair oils, serums, shampoos, and conditioners—this is one category of beauty products where I can’t seem to have one favorite. Except for one. In my quest for a good hair serum for my hairstyling sessions, I landed upon this hibiscus + neem + lavender infused serum that does NOT have any artificial preservatives or chemical ingredients. Even if I miss out on oil massages for my head or a conditioner post shampooing, I never skip this product.

Why I love this:

  • Non-greasy: It makes my hair shine without weighing it down.
  • Makes my hair manageable: It smooths out frizz and tangled mess of my hair, and simply preps it for styling.
  • Boosts volume, lustre, and natural colour!

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When I first read John Keats’s verse, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, it struck a chord with me. Beauty is memorable, and choosing products that amp it up can be a challenging but fun task. I hope this list helps you find your soulmate beauty product!

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