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Build your Digital Space by Moumita Mallick- Marketing and Scaling of your products

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BloggersDayOut – A Digital Media Marketing startup founded by Moumita Mallick, aims at developing WordPress websites, creating content with proper SEO for better rankings in search results.

We talked to her (Moumita Mallick) about this amazing idea and how she’s helping small businesses and startups across the world to scale business and market their products. And here she has described her complete story:

1. A brief summary of your startup:

BloggersDayOut is a start-up for blogs and businesses.

Our main focus at creating a site and a brand which is identifiable. Branding is something that no one can copy because branding is the ‘You’ and the ‘Feel’ factor that you provide.

Take your business online. In the digital era, it is important that you have a web address for your business.

Make your services known.

A website always works as your business portfolio, even if you are not indulging in e-commerce or directly engaging with your audience through websites.

Graphic designing is everything for social media posts. Whether it is a Pinterest Pin or an Intsa post for your business.

It is the graphic design that engages your audience.

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2. Why and How did you start your company?

Initially, it started as a Digital Marketing blog.

After several queries about ‘How to make your own site’, How to do local SEO for small business’, ‘What to do to enhance social media engagement’ and so on, ‘BloggersDayOut’ gradually started giving services for the same.

Digital Media Marketing is on-page off-page SEO, technical SEO like CSS-JS file optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, email campaigns, and also the affiliate products campaign if any.

So, as a digital marketing start-up, it offers SEO, content marketing, brand awareness, and other necessary tools to market products and services online.

3. How many years has it been in this industry?

It has been 3 years now that I am juggling with different digital media platforms.

Have 5 other sites in different niches. So BloggersDayOut is basically speaking of my own experiences. 

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4. What is the vision behind it?

The vision is to bring small businesses and services online.

If you provide service only for a particular area then local SEO is best for you. 

If you have got something that you can provide to multiple areas then proper SEO content and Google Business listing is required.

The Internet is the only place where your customers are worldwide.

Once you establish yourself with your site and services online then your customer base grows multiple times gradually.

 5. Which do you think is the most important: The right market, the right product, or the right team?

I believe if the product is not worthy then the right market or the right team cannot help it in the long run.

The right market and team may create the initially required buzz but if the product is not fascinating then no push is enough to make it thrive in the market for long. 

The right market and the right team go hand in hand. The team should be the one who believes in the idea by heart and their sole responsibility is to make people aware of the product in the right market.

 6. Final words for those chasing startup dreams.

Start-up ideas are blooming from every corner making the ecosphere rich with new ideas and products.

There will always be fierce competition in every niche, so do not set back thinking about them. Instead, doing market research is very important. 

If the start-up is product-oriented then going through every similar competitor’s product is necessary. Every unique product has its own market.

I would make 2-year planning down the lane with a to-do list of 6 months at hand.

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7. Any future plans in the pipeline?

Would like to introduce SAAS products specifically for bloggers and small businesses.

 -About the Founder

Hi, I am Moumita Mallick an online hustler who loves Digital Media. 

Moumita Mallick
Moumita Mallick

Graduated with Computer Applications and have a Masters in Management.

Started creating sites and learning thoroughly about digital media marketing after having a corporate life of 5 years. 

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