Chennai Based Startup Build your Home in just 90 Days without River Sand

Chennai Based Startup Build your Home in just 90 Days without River Sand

Chennai Based Startup Build your Home in just 90 Days without River Sand:

Have you heard of a construction startup? Was it Eco-friendly?  Cityrene builds smart,Eco-friendly energy efficient houses using an Australian technology GFRG(Glass fiber reinforced gypsum) for sustainable living.

Dilipan Bose, CEO. explains Cityrene homes are self-sustain in terms of power and water. Cityrene homes generate their own power from solar energy, generates its own drinking water out of thin air and also recycle the grey-water and bio-degradable waste efficiently. Not just sustainable, they are also SMART. You can monitor power, water and data usage daily with the use of Cityrene’s mobile application.”

The idea of transformation struck in the minds of the team of young entrepreneurs

Cityrene Founder - Dilipan Bose
Cityrene Founder – Dilipan Bose

during the Chennai floods, where millions of people who had their own house but still stranded without power and drinking water for days.

Incubated by Founder’s Institute Chennai and mentored by well-experienced and talented business people. Cityrene was awarded as the Best Startup of India – “Founder X Award” by Founder Institute – a well-known local and global startup incubator.

Cityrene is also recognized by Startup India – Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion.

Cityrene got the Be a Change – Rise India Award from IIT-Madras in a pitching competition. They are also the authorized distributors of GFRG panels by FRBL (Factory where GFRG panels are manufactured)

Core offerings:

Cityrene provides GFRG construction consulting services, building smart and sustainable homes within a short span of time. Cityrene homes are:

  • 5X stronger and has greater life
  • Water resistant
  • Fire resistant upto 1000°C
  • Cooler upto 4°C
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Built under 90 days.
  • Monitored by smart sensors
  • Design & view your house in 3D using Augmented Reality


Cityrene completed its first apartment project in Kovalam, Chennai. They are planning to extend their construction services to other states like Andhra Pradesh, Telungana,Karnataka and Kerala.

Plans are also in discussion to introduce green and self-sustainable township with all the features mentioned above which will bring a whole new and huge impact in construction industry.

“We have got everything smart from phones, computers and even televisions, why not smart homes? The technology we use for construction is 100+ years old. I believe Cityrene is going to pave the way for imminent change in construction industry,” says Dilipan Bose, CEO.

The founders feel immensely grateful to their mentors at Founders Institute. Cityrene received INR 2 lakhs for app development as prize from Maxblox during the Founder Graduation Event. Mr. Gopi Mattel, CEO of Maxblox and a mentor at Founder Institute has been the backbone of Cityrene.

Currently, they are raising funds for their township project that will be a smart self-sustainable township and also undertaking GFRG building contracts providing their clients eco-friendly, smart homes.


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