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The Best Shades of Color for Painting Commercial Spaces for Rent

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Although most commercial spaces/properties for rent allow tenants some freedom to customize their space for operations, it’s an advantage if the space looks good and ready for move-in. A lot of businesses appreciate it if the property is clean and has been recently refreshed with repairs and paint.

And when it comes to paint for commercial spaces, the current trend is all about soft and versatile shades. Meaning, white is not most people’s idea of white, it’s a shade that contains pigments that give it a cozier vibe instead of making a place look sterile.

So, if you are the owner of commercial property for rent and you wish to boost its aesthetic value and provide it with a more high-end appeal, listed below are distinct shades of the most attractive colors to use for business spaces.

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White remains a top pick of paint color for commercial establishments because it’s bright and versatile. It comes in shades that give it a much softer appearance.

1- White Dove

This shade is what most people would probably call “cream.” However, it’s actually a yellow pigment in a much smaller amount. This is a fantastic shade to use if you want the space to look more inviting yet peaceful. The business establishments that frequently use white dove are wellness facilities such as spas, dental offices, facial centers, and bakeries.

2- Speckled White

Speckled white comes in both cold and warm tones. Many like this kind of white for concrete flooring because it gives floors the look of precious stones such as howlite, moonstone, selenite, and dalmatian stone. Expensive stone floors are all the rage these days, and with speckled white paint, which you can further enhance using decorative concrete finishes, you can achieve the look without spending an outrageous amount of money.

3- Extra White

Extra white paint is a shade of white with hints of both brown and grey. A lot of Nordic-inspired spaces make use of this special color because it somehow reflects the generally cool tones of the Scandinavian region. However, it also has that warm tint that hygge-loving folks like for a cozy vibe. It’s still white, though, with a subtle nuance to it that makes it such a lovely color for a commercial space.

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In the interior design world, grey holds the title of being the most sophisticated color. And, in recent years, its popularity continues to surge as people learn to explore its potential for elegant color combinations, especially with the different shades it comes in. Below are three of the trendiest grey shades available.

1- Sterling Grey

Sterling is that perfect light shade of grey. If grey is a combination of black and white, this formula makes use of more white and perhaps a smidge of silver. This is an excellent choice for workspaces or offices because it looks professional, modern, and peaceful. Also, this shade of grey goes beautifully with white and light-colored wood.

2- Metropolitan Grey

This particular shade of grey is deeper than sterling, and it has hints of brown to it. But, what’s especially interesting about this hue is how it goes so well with other shades of grey for a classy monochromatic palette. But, you can also pair it with “juicy” colors such as yellow, chartreuse, and peacock, this color combination is oft-used in libraries and home goods stores.

3- Dorian Grey

Dorian grey is quite a fascinating shade because it can also look so much like a very soft and light version of olive green. It’s very pleasing to the eyes, particularly if the commercial space is located where autumns are beautiful. Dorian grey looks stunning with terracotta and white for a country store. Meanwhile, Dorian grey grouped with white, seafoam green, or pale blue, and espresso is an impressive color formula for beach town businesses.

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Brown is another neutral that is heavily used in commercial establishments, and it’s the most natural hue to work with, especially if it comes in the following shades.

1- Espresso

This is the favorite shade of brown of interior designers because it gives structures such a rich and luxe appearance. Also, espresso provides a nice contrast to a lot of light colors. However, it’s a color that needs to be used with proper calculation. Typically, you’ll use espresso in commercial settings for frames, doors, stairs, and shelves.

2- Abalone

Abalone is a type of light brown with a touch of grey. It’s a neutral that works well for both commercial and residential spaces. It just offers so much warmth to rooms, and it pairs beautifully with white and light-colored stone, with it being the primary color instead of an outline or accent hue.

3- Barcelona Beige

If you are looking for that soft brown with a lot of warmth to it — Barcelona beige is perfect to use. It’s a color that can be used for both walls and floors, especially if you use it as a base for decorative paint. With decorative paint, this color can take on this delightful intensity and unexpected texture, which are ideal for furniture stores or any shop that sells luxury products.

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Blue has long been an in-demand color for professional spaces, and the following are the most popular shades it comes in.

1- Kensington Blue

Like its name, Kensington blue has a royal appeal, and it’s a gorgeous pop of color to use for walls. It pairs well with white and gold. It’s also a stunning wall color to use if you wish to combine paint and printed wallpaper. Some commercial locations that use this shade of blue are bookstores, traditional tea rooms, and creative companies.

2- Blustery Sky

This shade of blue called blustery sky is mixed with grey, and while most people find it masculine, it’s a solid choice of color for legal offices and even government agencies, whether as a wall of floor color. Like Kensington blue, it goes well with white, but it works much better with vibrant hues such as bright green and burnt sienna.

3- Peacock

Peacock is one of the hip paint colors for 2020. It’s a color that works well on both concrete and wood surfaces. It can be a luscious splash of color, whether it’s the main color of a room or merely an accent hue. If you will be using it as an accent color, combining it with a special paint coating would look much nicer, which you can get at Equipaint. Paint coating will give peacock a gorgeous luster and even slight variations with its shade, intensity, and tone.

These are the top shades of choice among owners of commercial properties. With the information provided above, perhaps you’ll find it easier to choose what paints to use in order to give your spaces for rent a luxurious appeal.

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Ralph El Eid is the Business Development Manager at COLORTEK – Wall & Floor Fashion. EQUIPMENT is the franchise owner of COLORTEK in Dubai (U.A.E.) and Doha (Qatar); an international paints manufacturer specializing in the widest range of decorative paints and seamless concrete & resin flooring, with a unique showroom concept, and thus an ideal destination for homeowners, consultants, architects, interior designers, and paint applicators.

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