Manveer Gurjar winner of BigBoss Season 10

Fighting against all odds, on the 29th of January, Manveer Gurjar proved that a common man from a village of Noida can be a winner of such a big reality show. The credit goes to millions of people who stayed with him throughout the season. What a grand welcome he received by thousands of people when he returned his village in Noida. People went crazy just to see a glimpse of him. He started big boss journey three months ago as a common man form village Aghapur, where he has a joint family of 49 members. He is very attached to his family and loves them as he loves his nation. His cousin Neeraj Gurjar said that “The only reason why people across India loved and adored him was because of his simplicity and down-to-earth attitude. He is the kind of person who will never change despite the circumstances. He has been straight forward and blunt all his life and he will continue to be that way”. Without his family, friends and common people support this winning moment couldn’t be possible. Sachin Gurjar his younger brother campaigned on social media and streets of NCR Region. He faced tough competition with first runner up Bani J (famous TV Celebrity).

After winning Big Boss trophy he said, “When I went inside the house I was a different person, I was short tempered and people were really scared of me which was quite apparent in the first week. Salman Khan also pointed out that to me. I thought if I am going to stay in the house with the same attitude as I was outside the house, then I won’t be able to survive and I decided to go on the Blackfoot. I played more with my heart than my mind. I feel as if an entire makeover of my personality has happened after coming out of the Big Boss house.” He earned good memories from Bigboss house and friends too. Manu Punjabi played big role in his victory. He is very clear about his future plans and said that he wants to continue entertaining people.

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