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Digital Menu Boards – A Mode that Restaurants are leaning on to Engage Customers

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While taste, quality, and service are the highlights of any restaurant, with changing times, there comes more than just these handful to lure more diners and make the current ones come regularly.

From Happy hours to special discounts, food blogging to exciting contests, restaurants come up with several ways to offer reasons to dine. Keeping your customers keep coming is not easy since they have numerous options to go for.

Among other ways to reach out, we have Digital Menu boards that are gradually captivating restaurants to give a go for engaging customers as well as employees.

Here are a few pointers to make the Digital Menu Boards more effective:

1) The type of content being displayed: 

Displaying digital menu might get your customers to try out new items however limiting the use of Digital boards to just menu displays might not be the right approach.

Connecting with your customers through videos of how their favorite dish is prepared, showing regular customers enjoying their food with their friends or highlighting how healthy and fresh the food is being served at your outlet can create a lasting impression.

Setting the content right is key to enhancing the effectiveness of a digital menu board.

2) The positioning and placement of digital menu boards:

Having a digital menu board is not enough. It’s positioning and placement is as important as having it in the first place.

The positioning of the screens would firstly depend on the size of your restaurant. Naturally, if you have a big dine out space, one Digital Menu board might not suffice. The important thing is no matter where your customer sits, they should be able to see your Digital Menu board.

The size of the Digital Menu board employed to showcase the menu and promotions is also a factor that will be considered to decide on the placement of the screen. Besides, one has the option to choose either landscape or portrait orientation for the menu boards.

3) Integrating Social Media Feeds:

Be it yesterday or today, there is no other better platform to network with your customers than Social Media. And why not when Social media influence everyone today in some way.

Digital Menu Boards combined with Social Media are a match made in heaven.

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By displaying your latest tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts – customers will be prompted to visit your website or respective social media pages. Starting hashtags or answering queries of your customers on Digital Menu boards can get you the deserved attention.

4) The frequency of a Content being played:

Again, the task does not end at getting a Digital Menu board and putting up content on it. The frequency of the same content being played is important. The look of the menu needs to be updated with time, the videos being played need to change frequently. 

The key is to share something new with a customer every time they visit your restaurant. One can benefit during festivals by putting up a different festive menu and engaging videos highlighting the importance of the dishes served during the festivals.

Wrong content can squeeze out the entire purpose of digital menu boards.

5) Make sure to highlight your brand

Everything said, what your brand stands for importantly depends on the way it is bought out in the menus, social feeds or the videos played on the digital menu boards. How a customer connects with your restaurants majorly depends on your branding.

In a chase to get the attractive content displayed, creating the right brand image is often missed out. Brand image is crucial to long-term success and one needs to take care that the brand message is conveyed right each and every time.

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About Smit Nebhwani (Co-founder) – Voolsy Screen

Voolsy Screen is a Digital Menu board Solution designed and co-founded by Smit Nebhwani. Smit is a Tech Enthusiast with a goal to offer effective tech business solutions to smoothen processes applied in different service sectors. His idea behind Voolsy Screen is to ensure that Digital signages are more about setting the right message at the right time with ease while removing the manual processes and additional costs that go with it. 


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