Digital Signage - A Digital Marketing tool which helps Startups to build their brand

Digital Signage – A Digital Marketing tool which helps Startups to build their brand

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Beyond just having a nice logo, building a brand is imperative in increasing the value of a company, giving employees direction, and encouraging business and re-business from clientele.

Building a brand is building a perception, as your brand is the sum of your client’s perception of your services, quality, reputation, and logo. Whether you are an SME or a large corporation, building your brand should underpin your business strategy.

Amongst other marketing strategies, digital signage can serve as a captivating platform in which to engage with your employees and customers.

Screen positioning and placement:

In an ideal world, digital signage screens would be used as a medium to improve company visibility. To do so, screens need to be positioned in a place that directs the most attention towards them. There are optimum locations, such as bus stops, that attract high footfall and waiting rooms, that attract high dwell time.

Although both are optimum locations, digital signage screens that receive high dwell time should use prolonged and more informative content, whereas screens that receive high footfall should use the quick eye-catching content.

Integrating social media streams:

For all digital marketers, social media optimization is one of the pillars of any successful digital marketing strategy. As such, social media has many uses – from encouraging business, to network with potential partners, to even gaining back-links to your website. There is no platform better to publicize your social media than a digital signage screen.

Displaying your latest Tweets, Instagram, and Facebook posts can engage passersby and encourage them to follow your social media accounts. Even starting a hashtag or answering FAQs on your digital signage screens can give your social media platforms the attention they deserve.

Saving you time:

Old school marketing methods, such as static posters or flyers, are often laborious and receive little attention. The human brain is drawn towards motion. As such, digital signage screens that have content that is constantly changing will track more human attention than static counterparts.

Furthermore, because content can be remotely controlled days, weeks, and months in advance, the pressure of constantly having to change static content does not become an issue. This allows you to get back to focusing on other elements of your digital marketing strategy.

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Modernizing your environment:

Drawing back to earlier points about perception, using a digital signage screen certainly, makes even the most conservative environments look techy. Touch screen kiosks, wayfinding kiosks, high-bright screens, and video walls are just a few of the technological advances within digital signage. These are the sort of things that make your working environment memorable and encourage colleagues to stick around and customers to come back.

Generating revenue:

Almost all marketing strategies are adopted with the aim of generating more leads and revenue in mind. With that being said, digital signage presents an opportunity to sell sponsorship space. Through selling sponsorship to partners and non-partners alike, you can generate enough revenue to cover the costs of installation and more.

In conclusion, digital signage is a cost-effective and targeted digital marketing technique that can be used to build a brand. When used in conjunction with a broader digital marketing strategy, it can help solidify your existing activity.

Written by Mario Troullis, CEO, and director of TrouDigital, who specialise in digital signage marketing. Mario aims to improve business communication and efficiency through the use of digital signage.

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