3 methods to increase your E-commerce conversion ratio

3 methods to Increase your E-commerce conversion rate

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3 methods to Increase your E-commerce conversion rate:

For an E-commerce website, conversions are very difficult. Getting success from e-commerce website is not a hard task, but survival in the market takes lots of things. If you’re not generating enough sales to meet your costs, then your business will not run for so long in the market. So, for drive more sales you’ve to optimize your site.

In this post, I’m sharing with you some of the most important aspects on which you can focus when you’re optimizing your site for conversions. Here are some areas that need to be optimized for better conversion rate:

User Friendly Experience:

Make sure your website has a good user experience. This is the most important factor in affecting the conversion rate. If your website takes too long to load, customers get frustrated and switch to your rival’s website. For a good user experience, your website page should load within 2 seconds.

You can check the speed of your website with tool GTmatrix, this tool checks the speed of your website and apart from this it also detects problem areas that affect the speed of your website.

Navigation is another important aspect that impacts user experience. Categorized your products on the website and arrange page elements in a logical manner so as to customers get easily find what they are looking for.

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Build up customer trust:

Visitors will not spend money on your products if they do not have a trust and confidence in those products. You’ve to generate or earn their trust by adding user-generated content, such as reviews from previous customers and testimonials from those previous customers or buyers.

The most popular form of user-generated content is reviews and ratings. You can easily include on your product pages by downloading the plugin, but make sure top reviews or rating shows first.

Another method of gaining the trust of a customer, you can include an option to upload a photo with a customer review. And you can ask customers to upload the photo of the product which they bought. You can then post those on your website as a form of social proof.

Successful Shopping:

In user experience, we ensure that visitors have no trouble in navigating the site. But, in the successful shopping experience, we’ve to focus on convincing potential customers to complete the purchase or shopping.

When you focus on optimizing the shopping experience, you need to improve other elements on the website, such as images of the product, product description, and promotions of your latest products or offers.

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One of the important steps to improve the shopping experience is to optimize the product description on the website. Focus on the unique content and feature of that product so as to shoppers have the reason to buy that product from your website. Make sure images of the product are of high quality, you can also add product videos to enhance the shopping experience.

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