5 Facebook PPC Tips to advertise your Brand on Facebook

5 Facebook PPC Tips to advertise your Brand on Facebook

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If you’re planning or thinking to advertise your business over the internet by using Paid advertising programs, then you have lots of choices over the Internet. And Facebook PPC is one of them. As per the recent survey, Facebook PPC comes under the list of the topmost effective paid advertising program on the Internet. With over 2 million users, advertising their business and utilizing Facebook to grow their Business and Brand.

As we all know, when it comes to Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising program, it’s very important to keep track of how much money you’re spending and what you are getting in return. There are various ways to keep track of your investment and receiving’s from Facebook PPC.

In this article, I am providing 5 Facebook PPC tips which will help you to keep an eye on your Facebook Ad Campaigns to make the maximum return as much as you can.

1- Facebook Pixel Setup:

This is the most important thing you can set for your marketing campaigns while advertising with Facebook PPC. A Pixel will help you to build better market campaigns in the future and also getting more value out of your current marketing efforts.

If you never heard about this earlier, it may sound a bit confusing. A Facebook Pixel is basically a small string of code that you can place in the HTML of the website. This code tracks users as they engage with your site and ads. A Pixel code helps you to do everything from your Facebook PPC like Track conversions, Re-market qualifies leads and creation of Lookalike Audiences.

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2- High-Quality Engaging Images:

Visually Appealing content get the most attention from the visitors on any advertising. Your ad likely has one chance to bring out the pause in a visitor’s daily newsfeed scrolling session. So, it’s very important to use the high quality and engaging images in your Facebook Advertising.

Most business owners hire a professional photographer to showcase their products in the best way as much as they can. This is because the product image itself captured some interest.

3- Set a Reasonable Budget:

In PPC Advertising, a marketer need to have a lot of patience, especially in analyzing ad campaign’s ROI (Return on Investment). In Facebook PPC, you can measure the ad performance little faster than Google but, it still takes some time to understand better how users are interacting or engaging with your Ads.

In beginning, If you set the daily budget of 10$ a day, your ad will be shown a negligible amount and spaced throughout the day. In the end, you can analyze whether the ad would have been successful or not.

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Always be patient while advertising ads in the PPC program. First, have a high quantity of click before analyzing the performance. When you have a nice data pool of clicks, analyze it whether you have to put more money on those campaigns or launch a new ad campaign.

4- Track and Take Action on your Data:

Most of the PPC Marketer make a mistake of only looking at their data at a ground level. We understand that the number of impressions and Click Through Rate (CTR) are the best thing to know and track, but there is so much more in PPC. Facebook is the most powerful platform for advertisers because of its huge amount of data.

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In PPC, you can track the users in a deeper way like what type of users are clicking your ads, who is looking at your ads and which of your ads are successful, etc. You can also take advantage of Facebook’s FREE super-detailed reporting to better understand your audience and your ads performance.

5- Guidelines for Facebook Ads:

For creating an Ad campaign on Facebook PPC, you should have the depth knowledge of what Facebook does and doesn’t allow in the Ads. Always stay up to date on Facebook’s Ad Guidelines. Facebook is constantly working on the guidelines to make it more productive and to improve the user experience.

According to Facebook, advertisers have the responsibility for understanding and complying with Facebook’s Ad guidelines and all other laws and regulations. Businesses that aren’t matching and comply with all the applicable regulation and laws, their ads get canceled and even have their accounts terminated.


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