I want my story to be display on StoryToday. What Should i do ?

Please share your name, mobile number, email ID, website and brief about the story you
want to display. Send this information on mystory@storytoday.co.in with subject line
“Story Request <Title of the Story / Startup Name > — <sector>.

I want my blog to be published on StoryToday. What should i do ?

Please share your name, mobile number, email ID, title of the blog, content of the
blog in word document and share the image you would like to display with the blog.
Send this information on mystory@storytoday.co.in with the subject line ” Blog Request
< Title of the blog > — < category >.

 Do you charge money for writing Stories ?

No we don’t charge anything for writing story on our website. If anyone asks for it, Please
let us know.

How much time you will take to get published the blog / story on the website?

Once we received your email and verified it, one of our ST executive will get in touch with
you. And after the telephonic interview, it’ll take up to 4 working days for the story / blog to
get displayed.

For Advertise / Sponsorship 

For advertising with StoryToday and for any sponsorship you can directly email us to advertise@storytoday.co.in , one of our executive will get in touch with you regarding
the price info and for the proposal.