how to find your purpose in life

6 exciting methods to find your purpose in life

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Saving a minuscule amount of people we don’t have any purpose for our life. This can be tantamount to having more than one purpose and changing it often. It can have a different perspective. This is nothing but what we want to do with our time which is important to us. Because we live for some undetermined time.

“The person without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder.” ―Thomas Carlyle

We do some unimportant things also which not only wastes our time but keeps us away from finding a true purpose. But discovering purpose should be adventurous enough for you to indulge in different things while exploring your world.

As compass guides us the same way purpose guides our actions and strategies to implement them. The degree of uniqueness is also important. This might be your driving force. You need to acknowledge and honor your purpose.

Age is just a number when we start thinking about questions like “What should I do with my life?” “What is my passion?” or “What is my life purpose.”

We shouldn’t get confused between enjoying doing something and being passionate. It needs deeper exploration. Below are the 6 tips for you to find your passion or true purpose.

1- Exploring yourself- 

You need to uncover the hidden purpose you have. We all have it. It’s not easy at all. You need to identify what do you love to do and what comes easily to you. It takes time and hard work to develop your talent. No musician is an expert on his birth and a musician at all. He needs to explore what he loves and then he works on that skill. He enjoys practicing the same.

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2- Feedback- 

People’s feedback is the most important tool for improvement. If you don’t know what’s your true purpose then it’s possible that you will be displaying it unintentionally to the people around you. They will recognize that special thing in you. Their feedback can surely be a test of your judgment. You may get a different insight into yourself. If that’s not the case then it will act as an impetus for you.

3- Social media- 

If you will use social media in the right way then this can help your quest for purpose. Take notice of the things you write about. Things you like on social media is a reflection of what makes you feel good. What tends to you discussing any issue with people around you? Why you share one thing or one kind of thing all the time on social media? Answers to these questions can lead you closer to your true purpose.

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4- Interaction-

In this era of social media, you may get lost instead of being found. Try to meet new people who are somehow associated with any of your hobbies or talents. This will help you in digging deeper into your talent. These can be your neighbors, your colleagues, your relatives or friends.

5- Inner voice-

People can only help you in finding your purpose. Ultimately it’s your inner voice that you have to listen to. You just need to identify where you stand or your current location and where you want to go.

You need to fix these locations in your mind. Then follow the instructions given by the system in which we live. This requires hard work and patience. If you follow what needs to be followed you will reach the required destination.

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6- Making life Adventurous-

Curiosity can be the key to find your purpose. What is something that inspires you? What makes your eyes light up? The answer to these lies outside the nutshell. Go out and see World as much as you can. One job that you do may not be perfect for you.

What kind of job makes you feel you are on fire? Ideally, we must do work that has meaning to us. But this is not the case. Most of us even don’t know our purpose means to us. And it needs courage too. And remember figuring out the passion or purpose whatever you like to say is the first step.

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