Fitness Activities for Kids

Top 3 Fun Fitness Activities for Kids

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Forty-one million kids aged zero to five years old have been classified as overweight or obese. This is the staggering number reported in 2016 based on the World Health Organization (WHO) records. To counter this alarming increase, the WHO has been pushing for collaborative action to improve kids’ diets and increase physical activity among children. Fitness Activities for Kids can play an important role in their life to make them active & stronger.

From joining kids’ sports camps to encouraging increased physical activity at home, you can play a big part in ending the fight against childhood obesity.

Fitness Fun

According to WHO, children between the ages of five and 17 should engage in daily physical activity.

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Physical activity refers not only to routine exercises or workouts. It can also come in the form of doing chores around the house, playing games or other recreational activities, and participating in sports. Even daily transportation activities like walking to the bus stop, biking to school, or commuting can also be a kind of physical activity.

It is important that you can explain this definition to your child because in some cases, there are kids who baulk at the thought of physical exercise. Some would rather just stay glued to their gadgets all day and lead sedentary lifestyles. When they find out that physical activity is not just planned exercise, then it will be easier to convince them that doing these activities can also be interesting.

Whether you live in the city, in urban flats, or have been fortunate enough to choose from some excellent apartments, houses, or villas for sale within a community that promotes green living, there are plenty of ideas to make physical fitness activities fun for your little one.

Here are some fun fitness ideas that can get you started:

1- Enroll your kids in a sports camp:

One of the most fun things to do is to join a sports camp designed specifically for kids. There, your kid will be exposed to a lot of entertaining activities that will not only develop the body but also enrich the mind and spirit.

It’s best if you enroll your child in a sports center where there are internationally certified coaches and camp facilitators. There are kids camps where whole days are packed with excitement as they engage in different physical activities. Games, sports, and workshops are all part of the program. Aside from getting their daily dose of physical activity, they will also learn to interact with other kids and discover values like cooperation, perseverance, and teamwork.

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When you enroll your child in any of the sports camps offered by world-class sports academies, your kid will also benefit from the instruction of top-level coaches. Under the watchful eye and caring hands of these sports professionals, your child can improve his or her performance in the sport that they are interested in. Your child will also get to use first-rate sports amenities and facilities that can also contribute to a better experience.

2- Encourage them to play outdoors:

There are several benefits aside from increased physical activity when you play with a child outdoors.

For one, you and your child can get some literal rays of sunshine. Exposure to a healthy amount of sunlight is said to improve mood, protect children from developing nearsightedness, aid in natural Vitamin D production, help protect against multiple sclerosis later in life, and can also help prevent delayed bedtimes. Just make sure to slather on some sunscreen so you don’t get burned.

Outdoor play can also help your child to socialize, improve their skills in communication, problem-solving, and other executive functions, and have a deeper appreciation of nature.

If you do not have a yard where you can run around and play tag with your child, you can also go to a nearby park, green space, or even the beach. Choose an outdoor area that is safe for you to play games or engage in sports and other physical activities. You can plan a picnic with the family or invite other parents and their children.

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3- Let your kids move to the music:

There are times when outdoor activities are not possible. Don’t let this hinder you or your child get your fair share of physical activity.

Dancing is a good example of getting your heart pumping and your muscles moving. Teach your child a move or two. Or it can also be another way around. If they have learned a dance in school, ask your child to teach you how it’s done.

You can also take advantage of their fascination with modern technology and gadgets. There are video games that will show you how to dance. You, other members of the family, or your child’s friends can all have fun moving to the beat. You can also follow dance videos or fun moves from apps.

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Mindful Movements:

Physical activity can help your child develop a healthy heart and lungs, as well as build stronger bones and muscles. It can also help develop coordination and movement control, maintain healthy body weight, improve control over psychological issues such as anxiety and depression, and contribute to building the confidence needed for socialization.

When you show your child how attaining fitness goals can be fun, it will be easier for him or her to also adopt the same frame of mind and attitude. Joining a sports club, getting some outdoor air, or doing fun indoor activities can all be part of your physical fitness program.

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