Going for a new job? Follow these 8 rules!

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The changes in the Indian economy with such a fast speed is very impressive, due to this big change everyone want to be get most of it. Thousands of employee will be moving in the new job this month like me, little nervous to prove they’ve got what it takes.

So, in this article I’m sharing some points of successful people what they do in the first week of their new job and I hope this will help you to get the respectable place in your new company.


1. Always ready to say Hello Take initiative to meet new people say warm hello. It rather worth what the place is it may be bathroom, elevator or kitchen; it surely pays off in the end. It could be fast paced culture that you are approaching. Best place to start with group you working with.

2. Always available in the office – Soak in as much as possible in that first week. If you want to do something really big, for that you need to understand better how things are done. Try to gain the trust of your team and trust me this will help you to get the success in the office.

3. Always ready for work – Be humble to everyone. Whenever a new colleague   or boss offers you help or advice; take it. Never let your experience & ego to come in between it. You’ll definitely get better of it.

4. Always ready with your plans – Setting goals with your boss and an employee that helps in the progress of the company is like a Man of the Match. Do close interactions with your coworkers in first week, month and three months. It doesn’t need you to be in managerial position but maybe your idea can change the phase of your company.

5. Always ready for Hangout Sessions – Figure out someone for coffee a smart move to your growth in office. It’s very important to make a coffee discussions session which may be helpful for you to describe yourself in a better way with your new ideas.

6- Always attend meetings & GD’s.- Show your face as much as possible in meetings, it not only let you to boost your confidence but also let you  know which member is important in your company to establish your expert area between them.

7. Always update your connection on Social Media- Reinforce your new connections on social media is your official reasonability to show up your title, start following your new company and colleagues on twitter or LinkedIn. It leads to increase your official circle.

8. Always ready to help others- Reconnect with former colleagues in your old company and ask for LinkedIn recommendations. Always be in touch with your last company’s employees and ready to help them with sharing current openings in your new office.

I Hope you will find out something out of it for your new job.


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