‘Hater’- Dating App for people who hate the same things

‘Hater’- Dating App for people who hate the same things

If you’re still finding that special person in your life, then it’s a great option for you to find that person on Hater. A dating app that connects people who hate the same things. It sounds little scary but it could help you to find lasting love.

That’s the main aim of the ‘Hater’, matches you with other person based on the things you both hate. About one month old, this app gets 200,000 users in the US and abroad, and records says it’s a No. 1 Lifestyle app in Germany. The Company says – have plans to ‘take on tinder’

User Interface of app isn’t different from all other dating apps like Tinder or Bumble, you just have to swipe left and right as per your likes and then there’s an option for chat with them in the app- but Hater aims to stand different in the line of being personality focused.

How to Use-

The app requires a Facebook account for sign up. After Log in, app sets a basic profile for all users, which you can customize according to your likes and dislikes. Now you can swap around the photos and select the age range if you’d like.

Hater also provide you a quick tutorial on how to navigate the complete app. During selection of topics, you can expressed your feeling in four ways (Love, Like, Dislike & Hate). You can select topics between variety of topics like food, politics, sports and much more. They’re providing around 3,000 topics to choose on the app and they’re keep updating the list with latest trends.

Once you’ve ready with your likes, dislikes, loves & hates, Hater start finding matches for you as per your topics. Hater also shows you the person’s top most hated thing, if they’ve added one.

As of now, Hater is only available on IOS and only available in English, but Alper said the team is working to translate the app into other languages and launch an Android version of Hater.

If you’re IPhone user, you can try Hater for yourself by downloading it form the App Store.

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