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5 major Health Benefits of Tomato

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Tomatoes can be easily spotted in every kitchen. We consume tomatoes in various forms like sauce, ketchup, roasted, salad, juice, etc. Use of tomato in our daily life is very common but how many of you know that a common tomato is one of the best nutrient rich super food that provides you a range of health benefits starting from common health benefits to some big like fighting against cancers.

Regular consumption of tomato can help you to keep your skin healthy, eyesight strong, maintain heart health and is also beneficial in weight loss and you can easily buy this superfood using Big Basket Vouchers at your doorstep with great discounts.

Once there was a time around 200 years before when tomato was considered not safe for consumption and was thought to be poisonous because of the family to which tomato belongs (toxic nightshade). But now everyone is aware of the health benefits of tomatoes. This is the reason why tomato has become the fourth most popular vegetable in the fresh vegetable markets of the world.

So now in this article, we are going to discuss the major five health benefits of tomatoes that will give you a solid reason for including tomato in your daily diet.

1. Tomatoes maintain heart health:

Tomatoes can be very helpful in keeping your heart healthy. The red color of the tomato is due to the presence of an antioxidant called lycopene that is found in the tomato. Many types of research have concluded that lycopene has many benefits related to heart.

Some researchers have found that lycopene reduces the damage caused to the heart during heart attacks. It is helpful in reducing levels of cholesterol in the body and also slows down blood pressure. A study conducted in Finland shows that the intake of lycopene can lower the risk of suffering stroke.

2. Keeps Your Eyes Healthy:

Along with lycopene, some other important antioxidants like lutein and beta-carotene that are found in tomato— can be very helpful in fighting against vision problems and can keep your eyes healthy for life long. It reduces the risk of cataract and protects eyes against many age-related problems and damage caused to the eyes by light.

Tomato is one of the major source of Vitamin A. Deficiency of Vitamin A in the body is a major reason for eye-related problems. It is also helpful in dealing with night blindness. So if you want to have healthy and eagle-like eyesight, you must consume tomatoes.

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3. Tomatoes Can Prevent Cancer:

As discussed earlier, the tomato has antioxidant lycopene which is helpful to curb the growth of cells that causes cancer in human bodies. Consumption of tomatoes lowers the risk stomach, prostate, and colorectal cancer.

A British study founded that the men who intake about 10 portions of tomatoes on a weekly basis are about 20 percent less likely to suffer from the disease. So a small amount of tomato can help you to deal with fatal diseases like cancers too.

4. It Is Good For Kidneys And Reduces Risk Of Diabetes:

Tomatoes are very good for Kidneys and consumption of tomato reduces the chances of occurrence of kidney stones. It is also beneficial in maintaining blood sugar levels. Its richness in a mineral called chromium makes tomato effective in controlling insulin level in the body which in turn helps to reduce diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association asks everyone to include tomato in their daily diet plan. It does not matter in which form you are consuming tomatoes, whether raw or fried or its juice, it provides you the important vitamins like Vitamin C, vitamin K, Vitamin A & vitamin E, along with nutrient likes potassium.

Tomatoes have low GI ranking that is why it is recommended for diabetes patients. Actually, they are digested slowly in our body. So the glucose level in the blood experiences a slow rise.

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5. Healthy Skin and Strong Bones:

Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin C which makes it very helpful in achieving healthy and glowing skin. Tomatoes are used in many cosmetics and are used to prepare homemade face packs and other healthy skin products. The presence of Vitamin C in tomatoes helps in the purification of the blood which in turn helps in getting a healthy gorgeous skin.

Tomatoes are rich in nutrients like vitamin K and calcium which strengthens our bones and are also important for the development of bone repairing tissues. Regular intake of tomatoes can help you to have strong and healthy bones and you can easily order fresh tomatoes using Grofers Offers.

Apart from these benefits, tomatoes also have many other health benefits that can be very essential for you to lead a healthy and fit life. Aren’t these reasons enough for you to start eating tomatoes regularly? Everyone must include tomatoes in their day to day life diet. If you don’t like it in its raw form, you can consume it in any other from maybe ketchup which is liked by everyone but you must consume tomatoes regularly for a healthy life.

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