How IIDE is Revolutionizing the Digital Education Space

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Since its inception in 2016, IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education has trained over 2,50,000 students today in the digital space and has enabled them to carve their careers in this field.

IIDE started with the main aim to reduce the skill gap for digital marketing skills that was prevailing in the industry back in 2015. 

The other two motivating factors for IIDE were the Government of India’s initiative of Digital India and the introduction of the cheapest internet packages by Jio. 

“With everyone’s accessibility to unlimited Internet, smartphones and the push by the Government to adopt digitization, I instantly knew that digital education was going to be important for the youth of India”, said Karan Shah, CEO & Founder of IIDE.

IIDE is the first in the market to have started training students in digital marketing. Right from single-day workshops, to weekly workshops, then a 6-month full-fledged course, to the online course & post-graduation program. IIDE expanded its horizon as students and employers kept demanding more. 

Let’s look at how IIDE went from offering specialized workshops to college-level courses & transformed the digital education space in these last 5 years. 

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Student Culture

What helps IIDE stand apart is its student culture and environment in class. It is an enriching experience along with learning that students look forward to every day at IIDE. 

Students are prepared for life and their future while also being trained to become experts in digital marketing. 

All concepts and skills are taught by trainers & mentors who are working in the industry applying those same skills. This intrigues the students more as they learn a lot more than what is demanded by the industry. 

Top colleges like NMIMS, IIM, Amity University, and many more started inviting IIDE to offer their digital education workshops as value-added courses for the students. 

IIDE was ranked and awarded as India’s No.1 Digital Learning Institute by the Indian Education Congress 2020


Evolution Post-Pandemic

Another game-changer came in when Covid hit India in March 2020. Everything came to a halt including IIDE’s classroom training. 

But IIDE saw an opportunity in this adversity. It started preparing for the future of learning. 

IIDE launched its online digital marketing course with an innovative learning methodology that no other institute was offering. They went a step further by introducing a 3 step hybrid learning model which was to watch video lectures, attend live sessions with trainers and further attend one-on-one sessions with mentors for deeper learning. 

IIDE started creating high-quality video lectures which were recorded by the trainers of each subject. 

“We wanted the trainer’s face to be seen and their voices to be heard in the video lectures for a personalized and classroom level learning experience for students”, Shah added. 

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Recently, Meherzad Karanjia’s efforts helped IIDE win the title of India’s Top Education-based Content Creator by Career Guide. Meherzad is the Chief Learning Officer at IIDE and heads the learning and mentoring experience of students along with a team of 100+ trainers.

During the live sessions, fun activities are conducted on zoom calls to give the same experience to students like IIDE’s orientation day dance, speed networking, virtual graduation day, etc.

The mode of learning evolved but IIDE strived to maintain the top-notch experience & culture that every student looks for in IIDE. 

Higher Education

Employers today look for candidates who are not only well-versed with the role they are hired for but are also capable of pitching their ideas for other verticals of the company closely related to their niche.

This calls for the all-round development of students to be able to handle practical and analytical scenarios at work.

This motivated IIDE to introduce an 11-month Post Graduation Program in Digital Marketing which was equivalent to studying for an MBA. 

This program equips students with digital as well as managerial skills. It rigorously trains students in each aspect of digital marketing and further helps them to create a niche in the skill of their liking.

They are prepared to bag jobs directly at the mid-senior managerial level and handle high-level digital marketing tactics in top companies all over the country. 

It is an all-things-practical approach. Karan expressed that, “We want every student to first learn, apply and then evaluate. No textbooks are used at IIDE. We want them to perform exactly how they are expected to at their job.

IIDE did not stop at just educating students. They are also approached by India’s top companies to conduct corporate training workshops for their employees. Let’s take a look at that.

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Corporate Training Vertical

IIDE has also set foot in the corporate training market. Apart from the youth of India, the founder also thought it was important to upskill the already working professionals with digital marketing skills so that they can cater to future demands.

Cipla, Pfizer, Mahindra & Mahindra, Leo Burnett, Publicis Groupe, Abbot, Volkswagen, Asian paints, & Social Kinnect are among the few companies that trusted IIDE in upskilling their employees digitally. 

Each company is provided a customized solution based on their needs, requirements, and goals. The training is conducted as per the employees’ scope of work and level of understanding making it seamless for them to adapt to digital.

Vision for the Future 

Emerging as one of India’s leading digital marketing institutions today (also awarded as an Emerging Startup by Radio City in 2019), IIDE has already started tapping the global market.

With the elimination of geographical barriers, IIDE has started catering to the global audience & is offering their online digital marketing courses, workshops, & webinars and helping students transform digitally from all parts of the world. 

IIDE aims to be the world’s No.1 Digital Education provider with more and more advancements in their teaching, learning, and student culture. 

They are also headed towards capturing the higher education market by establishing it as one of the most preferred courses for post-graduate students and working professionals. 

Karan Shah firmly believes that digitalization will evolve from being an advanced technology to a preferred mode for businesses to ultimately a necessity for every business. 

Thus, we also believe that learning digital marketing online is the way forward for every student and company to successfully survive in the coming years. What are your views on this? 


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