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Do You Want To Have A Strong Relationship? Find Out How (Tips Included)?

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Everyone wants to have a stable and strong relationship in their life. If you are reading this then probably you want it too. So, let’s find out how you can make your relationship more powerful and stronger, no matter what?

All relationships go through ups and downs and they all take work, respect, commitments, and a willingness to adapt to the differences of each other. Whether you’re just starting your relationship or you’ve been into it for some time, there are a few tips that you need to follow to have a strong & healthy relationship. 

Before jump to the tips, I’d like you to accept the reality of strong relationships because real relationships aren’t like the ones we see in Bollywood movies. 

Most people think that having romantic feelings for each other is enough. Yes, I agree, this is also important, but for a strong relationship, you need more than that. Strong relationships are based on factors like mutual trust, a strong sense of commitment, and the ability to be insecure with each other. So, the hard truth is, strong relationships require time, work, and effort. 

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Here are the 3 top tips on how to have a strong relationship.

1- Active Listening:

 The most vital tip in this list to have a strong relationship is Active Listening. I know you might be wondering this is the very ordinary relationship advice we heard from everyone. 

Yes, we admit it too. But the reason we have included this is – everybody talks about Active Listening and the point is – are you actually implementing this in our relationship? Or you just nodding your head while communicating with your partner?

While listening to your partner, always ask questions that allow you to understand them well. So, whenever your partner shares with you about their worries, try to understand them and provide them a solution. 

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2- Relationship Meeting:

Do you know what is relationship meeting and how it can play an important role to make your relationship stronger?

A relationship meeting is a kind of like a Business meeting. It’s like a review of your business. Once a year, you have to schedule this meeting to discuss your relationship. All you need to discuss in this meeting is – what is working well, what didn’t work well, and how you want to continue your relationship from here. 

Keep in mind, in a relationship meeting you can not talk about work, your kids, and other stuff. It’s only a space between the two of you and your relationship. 

If you’re facing any issues in the relationships, you’d have to wait for the meeting to address them. Sometimes, instead of having argued on the spot, you can write down issues and wait until the next meeting to address it. Don’t make this meeting to be a blaming session. It is for you & your partner to share your thoughts on the relationship. In short, you need to talk about both, the good and the bad in this meeting. 

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3- Physical Sentiment:

The physical sentiment is an important & popular one. When we talk about how to have a strong relationship, the physical sentiment is vital. With physical sentiment, we mean mini gestures like hugs, kisses, or holding hands. 

Basically, physical sentiment is one of the five love languages. So perhaps you want to read and find out in what way you & your partner communicate your sentiment. 

Also, science has proven that physical touch increases the production of feel-good hormones (oxytocin production). Hormone like Oxytocin helps us to make a bond with other humans even more. 

This means physical sentiment makes your relationship stronger. And it does so from a scientific perspective. 

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