how to lose weight

Here is 2020, any plan to lose weight? If yes then do these 12 things!

If you really curious about your health, then its perfect time to lose weight and also its perfect time to give yourself a new start. As we are jump into the 2020, make a plan and go for it. I’m giving you assurance if you follow below 12 methods daily your extra kilos will disappear.

1. Walk when you’re using your phone, by this way your daily talks and chats can be a physical and mental workout.

2. Chew sugar- free gum at least 30 minutes in a day: Studies show it increase the metabolism.

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3. Drink 1 cup of green tea in the morning; this will work as a fat burner.

4. Always add extra spice in your food; this will help you to eat less and burn fat.

5. Make a note of your diet. And keep tracking on what you eat and be aware of any bad habits.

6. Dump your remote. Funny, yes it is, but you can burn up to 100 calories by changing the TV channels manually.

7. When you have 15 minutes to free, do 10 push-ups and sit-ups. After that do plank for 2 minutes, it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Trust me your future self will thank you.

8. Some inspirational quotes on wall, wallpapers or on your fridge. It’ll help you to stay focused to your New Year resolution.

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9. Once in a week clean something in your home like floor, window or bathroom. This will help you to get the house clean and burn some more calories.

10. From now onwards walk 1000 extra steps daily. Get a pedometer and keep track on your steps and make sure it’ll be completed on daily basis.

11. Love light shades it let your appetite suppressant and help curb overheating, take blue Plates & Dishes.

12. Healthy mouth. Stay brushed after every meal.

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