Less time to get ready? Hunt on to BB creams

Less time to get ready? Hunt on to BB creams

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Less time to get ready? Hunt on to BB creams:

The concept of BB and CC cream is not new. These creams were introduced in the market last 2-3 years back. Even now DD creams are on their emergence in the market. Fewer market segments are been preparing to launch DD creams as well. But in India, beauty market is still going on with newer formulations and ideas in BB creams only.

Firstly, brands like Dior, Maybelline and Revlon launched their BB creams in the US and after their success, they have emerged in Asian markets. However, when these creams got a huge customer response in market, many other companies came in the race. Some of them includes Lakme, The Body Shop, Garnier, and, Ponds. And then came some organic BB creams that are Paraben and SLS free. The names associated with them are Inveda, plum etc.



Difference between BB and CC Cream

Now, the question arises why beauty market is so impressed with BB cream and then their sister- CC creams so easily?

The reason is that these creams are making skin-color segmentation blurry making it even and more radiant in less than a minute. It saves time and consumers feel it enough in their skin regime compared to the need of heavy make-up. Where a BB cream stands for “Beauty Balm” or “Beauty with benefits” or “Beauty Brightening” cream, a CC cream stands for “Colour Corrector” basically. These creams contain different elements and hence varying effects.

BB creams are non-brightening primers with light foundation, sunscreen and, moisturizer along with some anti-ageing properties. CC creams are more on a corrector side and include the products are meant to address issues like redness or sallowness. While BB and CC creams are marketed for separate issues, and are theoretically different, I’ve tried many BBs and a few CC creams–and honestly, they’re almost the same. The difference lies in their consistency and that too depends on consumer reviews what exactly they want and what they have.

However, these creams cannot compare to the traditional foundation despite certain additional properties. Beauty experts believe that BB/CC creams and tinted moisturizers usually come in only a few shades, while foundations can come in dozens, ensuring a more exact skin match. Foundations can be custom made and mix-matched according to one’s skin.
Beauty sector being coming up daily with new inventions is now a challenge for these creams as up to when they can survive in the market. And also, DD creams are on their way that may make these extinct from the market because they are expected to be a hybrid of these two.

Here you can buy the top two brands of BB Cream as per the customer reviews.

1- The Body Shop
2- Maybelline Clear


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