5 Powerful Motivation techniques for Entrepreneurs

5 Powerful Motivation Techniques for Entrepreneurs

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When you look at people who are successful, you will find that they aren’t the people who are motivated but have consistency in their motivation.
-Arsene Wenger

Do we always need someone around us to motivate or is it a skill that can be learned?

Everybody can have different situations causing them to have some sort of motivation. But the challenge is how to get that and what should be the source for it. If it is a skill which can be learned by anyone in need then what should be the techniques.

It is a considerable assumption that many of them will work according to situations or circumstances or habits or thought processes causing negativity like Jumping to Conclusions, Magnification or Minimization, Emotional Reasoning, Should Statements, Labeling and Mislabeling, and Personalization.

Now we know in general what leads us to negative motivation we can use any of the below-mentioned techniques to counter those causes.

Here are the 5 motivation techniques. These techniques do have the backing of results but you do have to consider that you have to find the right one for you and that can be achieved only by putting each to test according to your causes of negative motivation.

1. Antiprocrastination Sheet-

This will solve the problem of your habit of having negative assumptions. You need to list down your tasks and rate them according to difficulty and satisfaction level. Once you perform those tasks with your best efforts then rate them again with the actual difficulty level and satisfaction you felt. This not only helps in improving your prediction level but makes you more organized.

2. But-Rebuttal Method-

We all know that when we use ”but” we are making an excuse in most of the cases and that is the major cause of our failures too doesn’t matter big or small but what matters is we couldn’t achieve what is expected from us. So to get motivated we need to have a technique to solve this issue of ”but”.

You need to list down your tasks along with your but excuses for each of them. Then you need to write a rebuttal for each excuse. You are writing a response to your ”but” excuse which means you are countering each excuse with a positive response. It will also help you in remembering the very reason behind doing those tasks and your achievable targets.

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3. Breakdown your task-

This is to deal with a huge task or a huge backlog. Division of tasks into little hurdles along with time limits will facilitate success rate. You now will be in a condition to judge your limits and it will also enhance your analytical skills.

4. Pleasure Predicting Sheet-

It is a well-known fact that If you do something you enjoy then chances of succeeding increase. But sometimes it’s become a task for us to know what makes us enjoy the most. You need to list down your activities you will do your pleasure in and predict your satisfaction level for each activity. Rate them with the actual level of satisfaction on a scale of points you find suitable.

5 Visualize Success-

This technique is about focussing more on a carrot than a stick. It’s all about visualizing your success. What it means is to have a good picture of the end in your mind while scheduling and performing respective tasks. You can write down the benefits in your list of tasks you have to make so that you can recall them easily.

How to motivate employees

Hiring the best employees for your company doesn’t lead the company to success and in particular the startup one. So what can you do to make your employee stay engaged and motivated? We know the consequences of having disengaged employees which will not only reduce the company’s productivity but will lead closer to failure. Also Read: How Startups can handle recruiting challenges?

Employee motivation techniques:

Incentivising them-

In order to build a culture of motivation you need to incentivize your employees and that can be done in many ways. It can be in monetary terms or you could provide them with learning incentives. It also comes in various forms. One will be giving them the opportunity to get more education which will end up in companies having an improved culture causing an increase in profitability.

If budget is a constraint for the company then you can provide an online or offline platform, for example, a library to share resources that provide easy learning.

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Benefits and perks-

Nowadays most of the companies do have additional benefits in their compensatory packages like health insurance. But you need to take this benefits to next level which has an element of joy, for example, having game rooms into offices.

Chances are high that these changes will be appreciated by the employees leading them to have a better work-life balance. You need to stay competitive when it comes to providing benefits to employees.


One thing that is most desirable among employees is appreciation and feedback for outstanding contributions. Recognizing their work and encouraging them will surely increase a company’s productivity. The topmost reason for anyone to leave a job is a lack of recognition and appreciation. This is the best way to have a positive workplace and motivate your employees.

It can be done on an annual basis like a bonus or promotion and on a daily basis like showing trust in any of the deserving employees with the bigger project and providing enough growth opportunities.

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But how will you assess whether you have done enough to motivate your employees or you are on the right track? The answers lie in feedback. Whatever you do to have a motivated and positive work culture that should be followed by collecting feedback from the employees. Their feedback only will bring improvement in your next motivational program.



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