“I never left you”- Story of debut writer : Ankit Thakur

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Here is the motivational story for all those people who think that they’ve lost everything in their life. We are promoting this book with a message given by the author of this book “always be positive in life”.

In this article, I’m sharing his experience he faced while writing this book and what exactly happens in the life of Ankit Thakur. I personally read this book and I pretty much impressed the way he defined every aspect of his life in this book. I strongly recommended everyone have to read this book once.

When I interviewed him then he told the experience he faced while writing this book. He said “I got motivation by writing this book by observing waves of my life which was happened in the past & those aspects had badly affected my life. Actually this is my motivation which comes to prominence in front of you all” 

“On the name of caste, custom and culture how the people in our society are not accepting the strong feeling of love of their children’s. It’s quite difficult to make our parents, family member understand about true & depth love which we feel for someone special while we are not on wrong path. I really need to understand the psychology of the society that not accepting a girl’s feeling & always do immolate, while boys live with full freedom. I face this situation over the years but still not getting any clue. That’s why I started writing this book around a year ago in Nov. 2015. It took me around one year to complete this book. Through this book I explore the relevance of love in the 21st century”, he added.

This book is published now and available on amazon, you can buy this book here “i never left you“. Read it once and also share as much as you can to support the writer of this book.

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