New Year’s Motivation – All Starts With A Habit

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Rich isn’t getting richer due to unusual potential, but with the right set of habits. Do you know a simple trick can help you form a healthy and great habit? No? then we have got something really unique and special for you.

Usually, if we go for some of the easy and best habits to live a peaceful and happy life then would normally come to meditation, gym, learning new things but if I ask you, Do you have a goal to learn a new language? or Do you want to go to the gym every day? or Do you want to meditate daily? Then many of your answers would be no or maybe not.

Now, the question arises that how many times did you start it or how willing are you to achieve these habits without worrying anything about the results.

The reason behind the answer is you fail to form such good habits due to a lack of awareness or motivation. So, I have developed a great and interesting habit-forming style as per my own experiences. The new habit-forming model or style will surely give enough motivation to start your day or spend your day in a better way.

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The process of habit formation starts with a behavior that is given regular repetition and it becomes automatic or habitual. According to many of the researches it is stated that it takes 21 days to form a habit like drinking a glass of water before breakfast. For harder habits, it might take a long time. But we have an easy and interesting way to ensure you start forming a good habit.

All you need to do is start watching or reading motivational stuff every day. Daily you can read or watch it from 5 minutes to high time. To start with you can watch some motivational channels on YouTube or read some books from your motivational inspirations. Do not think about the result of this activity and do not ask yourself when will the change happen but just start it. 

For one week at least just keep reading or watching the motivational stuff without any break. Now, Slowly your brain will start reacting to this activity and a connection will be formed. Your brain will inspire you to carry one habit gradually you keep on performing this activity. Maybe your mind will pick up a habit like walking or jogging early morning. 

After you get started, you tried, and some ups and downs happened, and you couldn’t continue. You failed to achieve it, or you failed to go due to some reasons such as you couldn’t wake up early in the morning for a walk or jogging activity or you might not go out because it was too cold But remember you still have to keep the activity going of reading or watching the motivation stuff daily for 5 minutes or longer.

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Your brain will now do the 2nd attempt for either the habit you decided earlier or a different thing to which it diverts you. Imagine your brain trying to form a habit of waking up early or deciding to do yoga at home if you are feeling cold but you failed again and couldn’t make it. You failed again to achieve the habit 2nd time also.

But have you noticed a strange and great thing? You carried one habit all the way from where you started. Yes, you got it right. You are daily watching or reading some motivation stuff and because of this connection with your mind and this habit, your brain is pushing you to form another habit.

Now, It is assured that after your brain attempts the habit formation for 3rd or 4th time, your mind will be prepared for one more habit. Like, you will start to wake up early and this habit will push you to form another habit for a walk or a jog maybe. So, with just a small activity and carrying such an easy habit helps you to develop the momentum and this momentum goes on and on… till you form great and healthy habits.

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So, to achieve big things in life, start with the small changes that would lead to big success stories. The easy and quick habit is so irresistible that you would surely want to try it out. Why waste time? Start it today and get one step closer to your great set of habits.

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