Paytm, BHIM or TEZ? Find Out Which is best for You?

Paytm, BHIM or TEZ? Find Out Which one is best for You?

Paytm, BHIM or TEZ? Find Out Which one is best for You?

There are lots of Digital Payment App in our App Stores and no matters which one you are using, at the end you feel they’re all the same. In this, we will discuss Digital Payment Application like Paytm, BHIM and Google’s TEZ.

As we all know, these all are grown over the past couple of years but that was after demonetization hits the Indian Economy with full force.

Nowadays, it’s important to have at least one Digital Payment Application in your mobile Phone, here we’ll find out which one is best for you and should have on your phone.

Paytm has registered lots of users since its launch. As per the recent report, Paytm registered 200 million subscribers in February this year. With this number, we can analyze easily the user growth of Mobile Internet with each passing day.

Paytm provide a huge shopping portfolio and you can also make the Payment for Utility Payments like Mobile Bill Payments, DTH Bills, Gas Bills and many more.

Paytm also has it own Bank named as Paytm Payments Bank that has all the features like any other Bank without Physical payment cash. Payment needs users to transfer money from their Bank Account to its own Paytm Digital Wallet. In a month you can make the transaction of 20,000-25000₹ and maximum 5,000 in one transaction.

On the other hand, BHIM and TEZ are the UPI (Unified Payment Interface) based Application, it means you can use both these apps directly like your Bank Account. You can make the transaction on these apps via UPI ID and IFSC codes.

In both the apps, you can make the transaction of maximum 1 Lakh, and 20 transactions in a day.

And the most important thing, all three apps provides rewards in the form of Cashback and discounts. BHIM offers its reward in the form of Lucky Grahak Lottery.

Every month, if you have a lot of utility bills and want quick cash transfer in your friends then Paytm is the best app for you.

BHIM is the good and professional app, has an easy interface and comes with UPI integration. This app is perfect for those people who don’t want to carry cash most of the times.

At the end, Google’s TEZ app, it’s almost similar to BHIM but comes with Proximity payment which is a cool feature in this app. Again, if you want quick and easy payments, TEZ is pretty fast.

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