PINK screams at your morals.

Pink the girlish colour or the colour display feminism. True film with parade of indian mentality not only of men but all demographic view display. People do not take these matters seriously unless it happens to them. Exploiting women and giving culture an excuse is old habit of indians but now a days the scenario is changing not drastically but gradually and we should all welcome the change because one must understand that accepting the equality is essential for society.

Pink movie is a wonderful display of small things that matters to us in a huge way. A superstar like Amitabh Bachan supported this sensitive and important matter is a very “feel good” thing. It does not matter what we want to teach others but what matters is what we learn everyday.

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan well said in the end of the movie “ Tu khud ki khoj mein nikal, Tu kisliy hatash hai. Tu chal, Tere vajood ki samay ko bhi talash hai … samay ko bhi talash h”.

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