Project Tandrusti – A help to needy people survive this Pandemic

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Life is not cheap, so every moment should be healthy and precious.

We are living in the times we didn’t ask for or we didn’t thrive for. Life has never been a fairy tale for all or for any of us realistically. But we had numerous cover-ups to make ourselves so busy such that we couldn’t see the dreadful experience that life could be for others.

COVID 19 pandemic has unveiled those experiences to us and this is reality. We can feel the pain of families walking hundreds of miles to reach their home keeping aside the safety of their children. We can easily hear the cry of hunger out on the street.

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Those who have a bank balance are scared of coronavirus because they want to live and others challenge it by going out to arrange essentials as their living seems to them more miserable.

If it is all about survival of the fittest then what makes us different from other living species on this planet. Humanity and kindness towards each other in a difficult time particularly makes us more human.

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We must not give up on them just because we have the Government which is trying its best to help them. Although we can only assume this for now when it comes to the Government’s help.

Ketan Sharma
Ketan Sharma

Project Tandrusti is such an initiative idealised by Ketan Sharma, a successful Mohali based entrepreneur running an IT company. He and his team have started off this project with the sole purpose to help those who are in need in these critical times. It includes distribution of Kits consisting of a pair of a mask, uncooked meal sufficient for a week, soap bars, sanitary napkins, and a water bottle. It is just the beginning.


This project welcomes any and every kind of contribution. How much is the help or contribution we could do it really doesn’t matter? What matters is are we giving our share back to society when it needs the most.

You can follow this on its social media accounts. The least we could do is share the word and intentions of this project. You don’t know you might help someone in need. You via this project could be the reason to turn someone’s sorrows into happiness.

Hunger is something which makes parents cry even more than the children but quietly.

This ain’t a charity project but help from those who are fortunate enough to those who are not. Remember they are stronger than us who are attempting to help them as they would fight anyway and win over this pandemic.

This is merely for the sake of those differences which separate us from other living beings and makes us more human.


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