Quarantined life

Quarantined life…this shall pass too!!

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5, 4, 3, 2, 1….Happy New Year 2020 (chorus). Remember that evening with happy faces, music, dance, frolic, good food, and favorite drinks around you? Each New Year brings new hopes, new dreams, new desires, new goals, and new resolutions. This year was to be no different but ta-dah, a blink of an eye and the whole world is mourning over why the year 2020 even started. Corona-virus-disease-19 has taken over globally and the crisis continues to claim so many lives and ruin economy. As if social crimes, thefts, rapes, murders were less threatening to human lives that we needed this explosion. Haa!

I love to live a carefree life, travel around, and socialize. Frankly, I had never imagined being caged in my own house for an indefinite time. It has to be the same feeling how animals would feel trapped in zoos.

Happy to visit animal parks as a kid and adult, I now have my discretion to oppose man-made jungles. We are depriving them of their share of deserved freedom and happiness- they lack of life I feel now. Life comes full circle; nature has started breathing now and humans are paying for their sins on earth.

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Covid19 is an eye-opener for all of us, how it even began is a different tangent. Chinese ate a bat or did they do it deliberately to strike a biological World War III, could they control the outbreak from becoming an epidemic following a pandemic? I am not debating that, the fact is that WE are living a quarantined life in a lockdown period and that’s not the life I ever imagined to live.

There were times when people shook hands, greeted with a peck on a cheek, hugged each other, and kissed; these seem forgotten stories. Our new fads now are to maintain social distancing and personal hygiene. Life’s giving all good lessons but did we want to learn it or did the nature force it upon us? Think upon.

The world has faced similar outbreaks before; history seems to be repeating itself. Social media reminds us of Ebola, Plague, Flu, Zika, Circa, and more.

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We may not be prepared to deal currently with the newfound disease but I know for certain that the world will heal and we shall overcome. Let me put it this way; change is the only constant and the only constant to stay is change.

This dark phase will become a past story. We are all living in an era that will be termed history. It will significantly impact our lifestyles but those who strive now will emerge stronger, bigger, and better.

Life will never be the same again but the future is more promising. This is a gateway for new business ideas and talent. Every situation will give you two sides of a coin to look at. A glass is either half empty or half full. Your vision will derive your future. Cling on, stay firm, don’t lose your hopes, and give yourself an extra push because life is for those who can turn sour lemons into sweet lemonades. How do you do that?

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I will share my mantras– follow a disciplined routine by sleeping early and waking up timely, keep learning new skills, exercise or meditate to stay fit, develop healthy habits, spend quality time with family, be playful, pick healthy food and drinks to consume, stay positive and spread happiness. Believe you me, life is simple, only we complicate. These memories will remain, live with grace. For promising times ahead, cheers to a happy life.

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Umang Wadhwa


A happy soul and a free bird who loves to travel, experience adventures, and socialize. I believe that life is short, so live it to the fullest with no regrets. Love me or hate me, but once you know me, you cannot ignore me!!

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