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5 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Remote Teams for IT services

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In the world, over 70% of the people are working remotely. And due to this pandemic, the percentage will surely increase in the coming few years. Businesses & Entrepreneurs from all across the world are hiring remote teams for their software development and digital marketing services. 

Remote working is a hot topic nowadays, especially in the IT industry. More and More developers and digital marketer’s appreciating the possibilities to work remotely. On the other hand, more and more digital agencies, enterprises are open to hiring remote teams to build & manage their products. 

But before partnering with remote teams to work with, you need to understand a few things to make this collaboration effective and productive. Here we have covered the top 5 factors which you can observe before finalizing any remote teams.

1- What tools they used? And How frequently they communicate?

When considering any dedicated remote teams, it’s vital to understand how often they will update you on the progress of your project. Also, understand what tools they used during the communication and what’s their primary mode of communication. Many communication tools exist to support well-structured collaboration. Identify one or two of them that are most convenient for you. 

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The above information about the communication method will reduce chaos and anxiety levels during the project development and make communication streamlined. Make sure you communicate timely with core team members. Not having the meetings on time can cause communication gaps and delaying the launch of your project. 

2- How Does The Tracking and Reporting work?

It is another one of the crucial aspects. Sometimes, it can be arduous to understand what is running on with the project, how long has each team member worked, and what they are working on right now. To check the team’s progress and to find the capabilities of each team member, productivity metrics should track. The few famous team time tracking tools are JIRA, Asana, and Trello. Always check with the team what project management tools they will use during the development.  

When it comes to reporting, the prime factor is to understand how the team will share the progress of activities. In digital services, the engagements always are outcome-driven. So make sure you will get regular reporting to keep an eye on the ROI of the engagement. The format of reporting must be quantitative and qualitative. The reports can deliver in the form of PPTs, in-depth research-based, or in the form of user-friendly dashboards. 

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3- Are they have a dedicated Project Manager for your project?

Apart from some core team members working on a project, assigning a dedicated project manager helps streamline all internal & external communication, the quality deliverables, and meeting deadlines of the project. 

When you work with remote teams, it’s necessary to have a dedicated project manager as you will be communicating with team members who are working from multiple locations. Project managers must have excellent communication, problem-solving, and presentation skills, as they are representing the agency to the client.

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In case of any emergency, the project manager must be accessible and be able to make quick decisions during difficult times. Accessibility and communication are necessary assets, especially when you’re working with remote teams.

4- What Strategy they implement for Time Zone Differences?

When you work with a remote team, there’s a high possibility that the team members who are delivering services to your agency located in different time zones. Time Zones play a crucial role in building communication gaps within team members or with clients. 

You need to figure out how they work with overseas clients. Request them to walk you through their approach they followed with existing International clients. In such scenarios, make sure the assigned project manager is accessible at all times, especially in project delay or any failure. 

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5- What Are their Terms & Conditions?

Usually, the IT agencies sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) to secure the confidentiality of their clients. Basically, with this document, they cannot publicly talk about the work and project. They do not even take credit for the work they delivered. 

There are also some other terms & conditions that must be clear before finalizing any contract. They are – the scope of the work, estimation & timelines, payments milestones, and performance-based agreements.


Remote working is the future. There is no risk in remote working. If you take care of all the factors mentioned above, you can be confident that your project is going in the right direction. Remote working empowers you to hire the best IT agency anywhere in the world that can deliver the best results. 

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