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Hyderabad based tech start-up Futuristic Labs launches the world’s first artificial intelligence-based curry and rice maker named ‘Riku’. It is a pioneering invention for the upcoming AI dominated future.

Riku is the world’s first automatic rice and curry maker. We have envisioned it to be the ultimate cooking robot for all curry-loving individuals. It is designed to work in 3 easy steps: add ingredients, select a recipe on the app, and let Riku cook! Enhanced with Artificial Intelligence & power-packed with a multitude of sensors, Riku learns your taste preferences to cook restaurant-quality meals at the touch of a button.

Riku comes in with 500 automated recipes from ranging cuisines and the capacity to serve 4-5 people at once. It can cook any single pot recipe which involves sauteeing, steaming, frying, boiling & simmering.

Riku is designed to sit conveniently on kitchen counters and islands. It is based on the idea of providing customers with fresh, healthy, and economical meals in minimum time. The product comes with a mobile application that helps in controlling and managing it.

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The automated recipes can be customized using the mobile application.  Keeping in mind the safety of the customers, every part of Riku that is exposed to food materials is made with high-quality BPA free food-grade materials. With top-notch features and user-friendly design, the product screams utility.

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After a tiring day of exhausting ourselves, we all just want a hot home-cooked meal to call it a day. Riku is the perfect fit for effortlessly making delectable meals without cooking expertise and minimum time in the kitchen. Put on some music, enjoy a drink, and let Riku cook for you.



Customers will be offered a warranty for an entire year on purchase. The product will be launched on Indiegogo in September 2020 for the US, UK, Canada, and Australia markets. The shipping of the product will be initiated around December 2020. As of now, Riku can be pre-booked on its official website.

About the Founder:

Goutham Gandhi is an instrumentation engineering graduate from Andhra University, India post which he pursued a Master’s degree in electrical engineering from Drexel University in the US. His specialization during his masters was in control systems, robotics, and intelligent systems. After completing his education, Goutham worked at a research lab at the University of Pennsylvania, first as an analyst and then as an application developer.

Gautham, Founder – RIKU

He was involved in analysing data from research trials and projects to find anomalies and patterns in the trials and in the first 2 years, he automated the complete data processing pipeline. The area of research that he worked for focused on diabetes, obesity, and metabolism. He often says that Riku is a summation of all his experiences.

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