How to get more business from the website

How to setting up & generate more business from the website

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How to setting up & generate more business from the website

Nowadays, everyone has a professional website for their business, but the most important thing is that ‘how your website looks to your visitors’? Ask this question to yourself when you’re building your website for your business.

In this article, I’m giving you some simple methods which can help you in generating more traffic and setting up a business website. And these methods are very easy to fix so that your visitors can find what they want and have a great experience on your website.

Make simple Landing page-

Everything your visitors need may be on your homepage, but if there are too many flashy ads on the landing page no one is interested in your website. Always be focus your above-the-fold (the area visitors see without scroll) content, trust me this is the most important elements of your website.

You can have a lot of white space, by doing this you’re giving a clean appearance to your website to your visitors and this can help them to find what they need.

Keep your content easy to read, marking sub-topics sections and you can use bullets to describe the content in a professional way.

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Responsive Website- 

Make sure your website is responsive. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone, as per the reports, above then 85 % of people using the internet on their smartphone. Websites that aren’t responsive are very difficult to read and navigate. Google gives more preference to responsive websites in ranking, it means if your website isn’t responsive, it won’t get ranked well on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

responsive website

If you’re using any Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, Magento etc., check that you’re using the responsive theme. You can check your website on the smartphone or you can check on Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, you can check the reports of your site.

Page Speed of Your Website-

Visitors get frustrated if your website takes too much time to load. If you’re using lots of graphics, scripts, and videos, your website might be slow. Google also provides a tool where you can check the page speed of your website for desktop or mobile devices. You can check the speed here Google Page Speed Checker.

Give Importance to your Reader-

Visitors come to your website because of something they need or want. If your website is only focused on your services or you, they might not be able to find the value of your product/ services or content. Make sure on your website these pages are available like About Us, Sitemap, Product / Service and FAQs.

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Newsletter Sign Up-

Every successful Entrepreneur has an email list. This allows them to stay in touch with their readers or clients to bring them back to the website. Make sure your newsletter sign up form is on every page of the website. You can also use plugins for this on WordPress. There is a service HelloBar to create a signup form for your website with a variety of functions.     


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