rescaling the business for small scale entrepreneur

Gurugram Based Startup rescaling the business for small scale entrepreneur

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Wepreneure, founded by Jyoti Verma, we wish to empower home working women digitally and make India proud. 

we are providing a platform for all the women entrepreneurs who are looking for static income. For it, online awareness and e-commerce are the two essential words, and the knowledge and scope of both should be acknowledged to all the budding women entrepreneurs. 

In today’s dynamic and fast paced world, we hardly see anything static, but we always look for the static income. In India, there are numerous women who are working from home yet they are not aware of the digital marketing or online shopping world at all. 

Jyoti Verma has always believed in “making things happen”. Her career has seen many diversions and progressions. She Worked as HR Professional to become a social entrepreneur. She found her true calling as a social entrepreneur with SNG, Voice – The Unspoken and Wepreneure.

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Jyoti Verma
Jyoti Verma

SNG we have created a platform where help in order to elevate our society just by providing your daily waste food and any unused things. Instead of throwing the street of the food to feed someone. It will help to save the environment and feed someone. We started SNG to give the strength to survivors. SNG starts with a clear vision – to provide Food, Good Health and welfare for the have-nots of our society and clean the environment by stop wasting food on the streets. They are outcasts from the society who are being constantly turned down of even the basic human need for acceptance. We provided the food to those who are surviving on the streets without any help. They don’t have shelter, Food and Clothes.

We took the initiative to provide them basic necessities of life. Soon we will create a mobile application as well were benefactors directly to reach the needy and sustenance them directly to offer food, books, toys and medical support.

Voice- The Unspoken is a story of every girl fear. Breaking the silence for women harassment and molestation in various places. In today’s world, if we start from the stage where the girl is born till she is old, sensual annoyance has been prevailing in our society.

It comes in various forms but women are unable to speak due to family pressure, fear, disownment from the parents, husband or even the society.

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Women always think that who will listen to her, so in this wake, we have brought forward a platform The Voice, this is the voice of the women.

We will be running various women awareness campaigns in the schools, colleges and workplaces, where we will be educating them about their fundamental rights and also inculcating the courage to speak up about the sexual harassment issues.

Here, we motivate and educate women in various fields like schools, colleges, workplaces and also for the homemakers. The awareness programmes will start from the education of the families in the villages, small towns and town, where it is still it is considered as a taboo.

In this wake, we require your support to run this campaign successfully across the nation, so that women of India speak up and lives in freedom and confidence.

That she had been faced every stage of life. Most of them are not able to tell their fear to anyone. Voice is a provide a platform to recover the fear and face it strongly. We provide them counselling to recover them. Soon will start online counselling panel to motivate all of them who need our help.

Building a team and challenges ”Every day, there are new challenges. Some you are prepared for and some you are not”. Model of Wepreneure doing good is not based on social capitalists, but on transactions grounded on philanthropic as well as a business value.

Wepreneure has two full time employees now. We will be more soon. 

Through the Wepreneure we will provide the support and self-development training to the small-scale entrepreneurs to demonstration their bent.

Jyoti wants to make sure that Wepreneure arises as a one window Center for all Rural and Urban small-scale enterprises.  Will connect all of them on one platform.


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