Social Mantra- changing the social status of entrepreneurship

Social Mantra – changing the social status of Entrepreneurship

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The name of the blog may resemble a kind of Indian touch but the mantra I am going to talk about is deeply related to all the entrepreneurs irrespective of their company size and type. As we are approaching to the end of a wonderful year, it is needful for everyone to get prepared with Strategies & plans for the upcoming term 2017. The word ‘Social mantra’ is all about the change of the attitude of business people, they have now tied their business with a cause, which is not only a part of their marketing gimmick but also has helped them to gain a lot of fan base, which just could not be possible with their so called marketing.

Social commitment has helped not only those who have included it in their business part but also has helped society to emerge in a very healthy way. The word ‘social’ connects with society and society itself is customer. It not just only enables them to indulge with society but also elevate their brand visibility and building meaningful relationships.Incorporating a social cause into your brand can command additional attention and separate you from your competition. Whether it’s a national video contest or a local blood drive, a social initiative is an inspirational philosophy to strengthen the social fabric of our world and a brand. According to a cause marketing forum – cause sponsorship is predicted to reach $2.00 billion in 2016, a projected increase of 3.7% over 2015.

The primary business benefit one gets from incorporating a social cause with their brand is authenticity. The corporate social responsibility (CSR) has helped many to get a very fast visibility of their brand among society. And it’s not about how much you spend on a cause the game is dependent on how you take it with your business and of course how you market it as well. It’s just like killing two birds with same stone.

There are many entrepreneurs who want to help society but do not have nice resource, for those there are many companies who help you to attain public notice with a good cause and help you to gain your branding in a very positive and nurturing way.

The right cause you can find might be around you only, you just need to have a good eye and if you take it nicely, your dart will hit the bulls eye soon.

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