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Bangalore based Startup connecting B2B logistics with cutting edge technology

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FlashGo: Bangalore based startup provide hassle-free and value-added services to consumers in the B2B logistics sector. 

The shipping industry is fragmented, difficult to navigate, and unless you are an enterprise with established shipping volume, it is difficult to negotiate prices, and due to this lot of small businesses lack adequate access to the right logistic partners.

On the other hand, there are a lot of drivers who are independent owner-operators, while companies with less than ten trucks make up 90% of the industry. These drivers and companies do not get enough work because they are hard to discover.


FLASH aims to get them to the “gig economy” with a mobile app that connects them to available freights to keep their trucks full. We are strongly committed to providing transparency in the entire moving process and fare policy. There are no hidden costs. Pay what you see!

FLASH is an on-demand and last-mile delivery service which provides software infrastructure enabling companies by offering on-demand, scheduled & same-day delivery at low prices. We also have a web dashboard that enables businesses to start shipping by connecting with the platform.

FLASH software connects local merchants and delivery apps with networks of couriers and drivers and manages the deliveries, forming the backbone of the on-demand economy. 

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Integrated into our on-demand app, the software helps the companies delegate jobs to their delivery fleet or to third-party courier services, communicate with their customers when a driver is on the way, and track orders in real-time. FLASH optimizes delivery performance by reducing inbound and outbound transportation costs and balances cost and service across omnichannel networks. 

The mobile app connects a consumer with a truck and Bike/Scooters. Consumers set up a pickup location, add a photo of the item they want to be moved, and the movers are on the way. 

The movers reach you within minutes, instead of hours. We offer open/closed/trailer trucks for different types of goods delivery. And, we offer a labor pool for packing and lifting the goods for customized shifting like Office/House shifting at affordable prices. 

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FLASH business-to-business model is meant to businesses big and small get into the on-demand delivery space. By offering an easy software service to take care of the last mile of delivery management, FLASH provides a single platform for all the needs of a sophisticated supply chain. Our on-fleet sights to revolutionize logistics industry with Hub and Spoke model secured with blockchain technology

Businesses are limited to a small area when it comes to deliveries. Flash uses their fleet of drivers to enable businesses to deliver to customers that were previously hard to reach. 

FLASH on-demand logistics to allow any type of business to deliver anything at scale. Our goal is to enable local and intercity deliveries on a single platform and empower business owners to offer deliveries in an affordable and convenient way.

About the Founders:

Imtiaz(Software engineer) and Allabakash(Software engineer) kick-started the logistics-and-delivery R&D after working with the Transport business of a close friend. Though there were well established logistic companies, they were more interested in profit-making and less focused on resolving the real problem of both driver and customer.

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