Bangalore based startup InfiVR provides cutting edge VR & AR software products

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Our senses provide us with all the information we need about our surroundings. To put it another way, our whole reality experience is made up of sensory data and our brain’s interpretation of that data. It stands to reason that if you can deceive your senses into receiving false information, your perception of reality will change. You’d be shown a version of the truth that isn’t true but seems to be true from your perspective. This is what we mean when we talk about virtual reality. 

So, in technical terms, what really is Virtual Reality? 

A three-dimensional, computer-generated environment that a person can explore and interact with is known as virtual reality. The person enters or is immersed in this virtual world and can control objects or carry out a series of actions while there. 

InfiVR is a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality business that uses AR and VR technology to solve the core issues of different companies in various industries by increasing efficiency, effectiveness, accuracy, and protection for their employees and customers. Manufacturing, aviation, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, renewable energy, aerospace, healthcare, and other key industries are among the companies that use VR and AR technology to provide creative solutions for product sales and marketing, product design, product support and maintenance, and simulated training and safety training for employees. 

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The founders, Atish Patel and Rohal Chandrakar saw a gap in the market to bring a revolution to the outdated technology used for simulations by various sectors such as defence, and they saw a bridging gap between the needs in the market to bring a revolution to the outdated technology used for simulations by different sectors such as defence. They saw this as an opportunity to fill the void, and they founded this company with the aim of providing cutting-edge AR / VR technology to the aerospace, defence, and manufacturing industries that meet or exceed Western expectations and at much lower costs. 

infivr team

Both founders have been in the AR/VR room for over ten years and are well-versed in the industry as well as in delivering marketing and exhibiting solutions to retailers, real estate developers, and others. Following Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus and the introduction of mixed reality devices such as Microsoft’s HoloLens, they realised the potential that would arise from a transformation of these AR/VR hardware devices to become even more functional and affordable, resulting in the birth of InfiVR. 

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Team InfiVR is made up of seasoned and committed researchers, designers, and technologists with strong competencies needed to create AR/VR solutions, such as 3D Interactive Technology, Game Development, Computer Vision Technology, and so on, with over 10 years of experience in developing Virtual and Augmented Reality-based products. When designing any solution or application, the team’s primary focus is on User Experience and core technologies to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and to make their daily tasks easy. 

Both of the company’s founders have a vision of being the pioneer in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology for key industries such as aerospace, defence, engineering, and oil and gas, and they plan to use AR and VR to disrupt Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0. Even though it is still a young business, it is already supplying virtual reality and augmented reality products to organisations such as the Indian Air Force.

The firm provides mission-critical instruction and simulations, as well as strategies for their manufacturing and assembly processes. The company began exporting its goods and solutions to defence and other organisations in North America, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific in a short period of time. 

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Founders of the company said, “We take pride in being a unique startup company, a company which is very focused on core tech implementations of Virtual and Augmented Reality. We take pride in contributing to our nation and we aspire to provide our AR / VR solutions to each and every member of the Indian Armed Forces and people working in core industrial companies.” 

InfiVR is now operational and collaborating with a number of Fortune 500 companies in India and around the world. In India, North America, and the Middle East, they are also collaborating with armed forces and leading military equipment manufacturers and aerospace firms. The company’s goal isn’t to become a unicorn, but to become the world’s largest and most profitable AR/VR product and solutions company. 

As advice to young and future entrepreneurs, the InfiVR founders say – 

Don’t aim to build a unicorn business, an entrepreneur is the one who utilizes resources available to create some value and wealth. Start with the aim to create value and business around it, the rest of things will automatically follow. There are many small companies that build lifesaving technologies and products but are not as big as e-commerce giants or home delivery businesses. What they are building is useful and critical in their own way. So, the aim should be to create value & wealth through some good product or service and rest things will automatically follow. 


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