Bring focus on personal & professional life with Startup SpanMyLife

Bring focus on personal & professional life with Startup SpanMyLife

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Bengaluru based startup SpanMyLife provides a one stops solution to plan, organize and execute for collaborating personal life with professional life important priority items.

One of the most valuable possessions in life is Time because it is something that once spent, it can never be recovered. This is why it’s extremely important to spend your time wisely.

SpanMyLife is a platform to collaborate with personal life with professional life. We all are so much caught up with so many to-dos in this fast-paced target-oriented life.

To meet the target and to achieve success in professional life, we are so engaged that we forget and failed to complete many things in our personal life.

Life is not about the only to-do list. There are 4 major components in our day to day which really need to be streamlined. 1st is a to-do list, 2nd is being healthy, 3rd is financial planning and being calculative for our secure future and the final one is affordable and transparent offerings which we can avail when we need it.

But how many apps we will install or uninstall to achieve this? How many websites we will search for getting good tools to plan and organize. How many excel sheets we create and keep to track it in the future? How many hard copy documents we can keep?

Cannot we have a common enterprise collaborative platform to plan, track, maintain and manage our day to day priority aspect? We SpanMyLife team identified 279 small and medium issues in people a day to day life where they fail to manage it due to a consolidated and concise enterprise platform.

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We are trying to solve only major 100 such small problems which actually are sub-problem of one deep critical problem and that is balancing and collaborating home, society and office.

Transparent and affordable offerings related to people for day to day needs at the right time and right price still has a big gap. The business and professionals are putting their effort and money to understand people’s actual needs to help people with spending right. Close communication and daily engagement can bring more value at both ends.

SpanMyLife is a triangle shape of daily life ecosystem to bring people, professionals and businesses in the close network to understand each other more and fulfill people’s daily needs via affordable and transparent offerings from business and professional via our offerings system.


When and how did you start?

1st January 2018, we have launched a beta version of with 50+ daily life management tools, planners and trackers for people, professionals and businesses.

We did our full launch in 1st week of March 2018 and around 50k people visited our website in the last 5 months. 13k people are our Facebook fan base and 11k YouTube video view happen in the last 3 months.

The concept of daily life management is very wide and rich. We together identified around 150+ small and medium components in people a day to day life that people worry about, forget about and fail to fulfill. If we think of any day that we spent in our life, we will see that we manage many things in our career and profession.

Product Features

We achieve many goals outside our home by proper plan and execution. But the same planning and management in our own life is missing. It brings irritation, stress, and failures.

Challenges and Opportunities/ Marketing Strategies:

The biggest challenge for us is to make people in India, habituated to organize their day to day life more efficiently and effectively. People in India are very reluctant to spend time on proper planning and execution of their own needs and fulfillment.

Trust is another factor for getting used to this kind of platform initially. Being a new platform and little software-oriented website giving us the challenge to adapt people with it.

Having fun and doing something serious on a day to day life is different and it will win people’s hearts when they understand the needs and get habituated with it. We have to make each user understand how it will help them to make their life stress free, balanced and more fulfilled.

Many research and study say that we Indians are less organized and do very fewer plans. Recently many studies show we as a parent cannot teach our kids financial planning. How we can teach our kids until we get our self-planning oriented.

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We have taken initial feedback from friends/family. We focused more on friends/family for the first 3 weeks and got 50k+ unique visitors in the last 5 months. Our next focus full online marketing and physical marketing for the next few months to get most users habituated with our platform.




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