IVF or Surrogacy – An Expert Guide with Detailed Information

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Which option is ideal to choose IVF or surrogacy? What are the differences between both of them? What are the key-terms of IVF or surrogacy? This is one of the most asked questions among the couple with infertility. The fact cannot be denied that infertility has become quite common these days and many couples are having issues to conceive a baby.

Whether it is IVF or Surrogacy, both are the ideal ways to have your own baby. You should have detailed information if running confused that which one is ideal to opt. Do always trust the Best IVF clinic in Bangalore as it is all about your hard-earned money, hopes, efforts, patience and time. We should be thankful for advanced science that has made possible to own child irrespective the infertility issue.

Brief About IVF and Surrogacy –

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization helping you with embryo development, fertilization, and implantation get pregnant. On the other hand, surrogacy stands for the treatment of fertility in which a woman carries the sperm/egg & sperm both until the baby gets birth for another couple.

You may go with surrogacy or IVF as per your situation. It would be helpful if you take help from the counselor. They can guide you in a better way of analyzing it practically. It does not matter what treatment you are going to have, it requires emotional support, finance, and patience.

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Types of Surrogate Mother –

Are you also confused that, what does it mean by types of a surrogate mother? Generally, there are two types of Surrogate mother: Traditional Surrogate and Gestational Surrogates.

    • Traditional Surrogate Mother Women who are artificially inseminated with the child’s father’s sperm. She carries and delivers the baby. She is called the baby’s biological mother because her egg was included in the fertilization procedure.
    • Gestational Surrogates Mother With the new age, medical science, it has become possible to gather eggs from the mother so that it could be fertilized with the sperm from the father. IVF is the name of the technique following which eggs and sperm are collected. Then, it is placed into the uterus of a gestational surrogate. The Surrogate does not share any genetic ties, as her eggs were not used but child’s real mother.

Who Uses Surrogates –

You might be thinking that when IVF treatment is available, then who may use surrogates. Couple with infertility goes with this option for various reasons such as if the female partner is having medical issues with her uterus, had a hysterectomy because of which your uterus removed or any other medical issues (such as heart disease) making pregnancy riskier.

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How Do Surrogacy and IVF Work –

Surrogacy is a boon for the women not able to conceive naturally or there is no possibility of her to get pregnant again. Going with Surrogacy option, they can have their own child. Here, it needs to understand that there are two types of surrogacy including Full Surrogacy and Partial Surrogacy.

Full Surrogacy stands for the implantation of sperms and eggs of the couple into the uterus of the Surrogate. It means surrogate would not share any biological relationship with the child since her eggs were not involved in that. Moreover, the female partner will share a stronger relationship with the child as here the sperm fertilized eggs.

On the other hand, partial surrogacy is all about the fertilization of the surrogate mother’s eggs and sperm of the child’s father. This option is also opted by many couples with fertility in case if female partner’s eggs are not healthy to get fertilized by the sperm.

IVF stands for the treatment of infertility in one or both the partners. In the IVF method, fertilization of a female partner’s eggs by the sperm of the male partner using a standard laboratory dish. The fertilized eggs are then implanted in the woman uterus. It is an ideal option to go for the couples want to have their own baby. It is reasonable more than surrogacy. As of now, many couples have their own child with IVF treatment.

Get Incredible Fertility Treatment by Trustworthy Doctors –

Bangalore is having a number of trustworthy hospitals known to follow the international treatment standards for infertility treatment as well as other associated reproductive technologies including ICSI, IMSI, and IUI and so on. As of now, they have catered legion of patients and they are happy and satisfied. Imparting exceptional patient care makes these reputed platforms trustworthy.

They put the best efforts to deliver all sorts of services following a professional and caring environment. An experienced team including nurses, counselors, embryologists, and sonographers are here to assist you in a better way. If you have been hunting for the Best IVF clinic, go with the trustworthy one only. Do contact them for more details and quality-based treatment. Do visit the official site for more information. You may also make a call to get an appointment fixed in advance.



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