This Short Horror Movie may scare you out of Posting Selfies

This Short Horror Movie may scare you out of Posting Selfies:


What Is it? – #NotAlone, a short film about the extreme dangers of careless hash-tagging.


Who are they? – Director/ Producer are Sotiris Petridis and Dimitris Tsakaleas.


Why we care:

Usually, the scariest thing about posting a selfie is “not enough likes.” That is most certainly not the case in a new horror short from two film students. #NotAlone opens with a teenager lounging in her pristinely decorated bedroom, presumably feeling her look.

When she tags a selfie with the hashtag #HomeAlone, though, things very quickly go south. Way south. Although what follows has a supernatural bent, it’s a stark reminder that it’s maybe not the best idea to describe your location and circumstances to strangers online. In that regard, #NotAlone recalls Alex J. Mann’s series of social media-focused horror shorts. This film pulses, however, with a heart all its own; one that you would want to tap on Instagram.


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