This Startup has a vision to provide the Best Ecommerce Solution to their Customers

This Startup has a vision to provide the Best eCommerce Solution to their Customers

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This Startup has a vision to provide the Best eCommerce Solution to their Customers:

Sellacious- a platform that provides an open source eCommerce marketplace software to customers who are looking for an e-commerce solution for their Business. 

It was 4 years past that the founder Abhishek Agrawal came up with an idea to create a platform to create eCommerce Stores and Marketplaces. While he was already handling a Web Development and Services Company of his own, Dealing with client’s different eCommerce problems, He realized there is no available software in the market which gives a complete solution for eCommerce requirements.

Idea Generation → Product Development → Launch → Struggles

The idea revolved around the concept of introducing a software which needed extremely less and almost no additional plug-ins and a software which will be a whole solution with all the features used to run an online store built in. He wanted a product which would be extremely scalable, flexible and sensitive to user’s needs, letting you open your own Online store under 10 minutes.

The product development started soon after, with Chief Technical Officer, Izhar Aazmi –  a big time Coder, developing the whole product single handily. Product was based entirely on Client’s needs, and the software had to be so robust in nature that it meets every user’s requirements on the same base, which took it so long to come into existence wholly. The development of the whole product took around 4 years and is still matching and coping with its roadmap to fit the Complete solution tag.

At present Sellacious is rendering a product which solves following problems in the market-
a) Lack of an Integrated Solution
b) Dependence on Unreliable Workforce

Sellacious from its inception is able to: Procure 5K downloads/month, Attain $14.5K monthly recurring revenue and earn the engagement of 25K users.

About the Product- 

– Flexible and Scalable Joomla eCommerce and Marketplace.

–    Sellacious lays the foundation of NextGen eCommerce software obtained with extremely flexible configurations to create integrated POS and Online Stores offering ease and access to every feature required to run an eCommerce store.

–    A Developer Friendly platform with robust architecture enabling the developers to extend and access Sellacious prerequisite.

–    Sellacious introduces in the market an all-around solution offering RMA, Automatic Stock Balancing across various sales channels, Orders Management, Geo-Location based shipping, payments, coupons, taxes & discount rules and much more on the back of user’s hands, jacked up with Multi-Site feature enabling the user to manage multiple sellacious installations from single sellacious installation.

–    It is a complete eCommerce suite, comes packed with a range of practical business features with a very less requirement of any additional plugins integration.

Mission- To provide a complete solution with almost zero need of additional plugin integrations.

Website: Sellacious
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