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Do you want to become a writer at StoryToday? or interested in writing for StoryToday (https://www.storytoday.co.in/). If so, we invite you to fill out the application form below and one of our ST executives will get in touch with you shortly. We review your application first and if accepted you should receive your welcome email in one week.

We are always looking for strong passionate writers who are motivated and interested in topics like, Startups, Technology, Digital Marketing, Health, Lifestyle etc.

Our Mission is to motivate people through our articles and startup stories to achieve their dreams. We look for professionals who can demonstrate a significant track record in the world of business and who are already active online and want to be more active.

StoryToday magazine covers every topic that relates to startups and entrepreneurship. We focus on latest Technology, Digital Marketing trends, Innovations, Lifestyle and much more. Here are the categories which we offer on the site:

1- Startups & Entrepreneurship
2- Digital & Social
3- Technology
4- Food & Health
5- India & The World
6- Life & Entertainment


Below are the guidelines for our guest writers. We always welcome new writers but we personally prefer to those with the previous journalism/ writing experience.

Guidelines for Guest Writers /Bloggers:

1- You must commit to at least one fresh 600+ word article in every 30 days.
2- Send fresh blogs and articles that have not been published anywhere else.
3- Plagiarism is strictly impermissible.
4- Once your content has been published on StoryToday, we will share it on social media for increased exposure. We expect you to share the posts on your social networks as well.
5- We always look forward to posts and articles from new authors who bring in fresh concepts and ideas that can take the industry forward.
6- Write short paragraphs containing not more than 4-5 sentences. Proper use of Headings and Sub-headings. Send the relevant image (featured image) of 700*400 pixels if any.
7- Each contributor is provided with an author box (available in each article) which displays information about the writer and a link to their website.
8- The author bio at the end of the document will contain information about you as a writer. You can also include a couple of links in it that track back to your website.


Note: We do not pay to guest contributors/writers/bloggers for their articles. You will receive credit for each article with a link to your social media and an author bio at the end of each article.

Thanks again for your interest. We look forward to working with you.

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