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An Inspiring Journey of a Mumbai Based aspiring Entrepreneur

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Dgmark Agency: A Mumbai Based Digital Marketing Startup founded by Chandan Thakur, an aspiring entrepreneur who is well versed in digital marketing. He is a good public speaker, author, and business consultant. With his never-ending passion, he added many certificates and accolades to his name but, more than that, he loves building businesses.

Chandan Thakur quit her conventional offline marketing and started digital marketing from scratch with a passion for marketing. He started his own digital marketing startup ‘Dgmark Agency’ in Mumbai whose USP is Quality Marketing, Affordable pricing, and Positive Results

Chandan Thakur says he was born in Mumbai in a middle-class family and become a regular field marketer in the hospital industry. He used to conduct indoor and outdoor marketing like free check-up camps, Doctors CME, Healthcare events, and even the print media for hospital marketing.

Chandan is known for his offline marketing strategies and he has proved himself in the promotion of the hospital with his unique marketing strategies. At that time, digital marketing is just a word that is introduced in Mumbai city. Though some companies started practicing online marketing services there is no big awareness of how digital things can work for businesses.

Dgmark agency

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A Life-Changing Day

In life, some people come as a positive light. Dr. Umesh Shetty one of the reputed doctors in Mumbai had suggested Chandan learn digital marketing so that he can do online marketing too because he is too good at offline marketing which will be a big plus point for Chandan. Those words inspired Chandan to take up his diploma in Digital Marketing.

Offline to Online Marketing

Chandan has completed the digital marketing course and understood the importance of digital marketing and how it will rule the market in the future. “I understood that digital marketing can help businesses to reach a wide range of audience with a small investment if the marketing campaigns and strategies are strategized in the right way. I also realized that it is comparatively available for low-cost advertising of business with traditional marketing methods”, says Chandan while talking about what he realized after his course.

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The unbearable grief

Life isn’t always smooth, but sometimes god tests our patience and puts a challenge before us. Chandan Thakur fell off into a deep sorrow with the death of his beloved father who used to encourage him in everything he does. “I have no words to explain. He died with cancer. That is the biggest loss of my life. After his demise, I was back to work in the hospital field but couldn’t go on with his thoughts. Whenever I see other patients I used to recall him again and again and fell off into depression“, Chandan recalled his experience.

chandan thakur
chandan thakur

The Opportunity

A few months later, Chandan joined a reputed digital marketing agency and involved in the work and worked on many live projects with great challenges. He impressed with his way of work, strategies, and unique skills in digital marketing. Years turned faster, 5 more years added to his digital marketing journey and he worked with three reputed companies and worked in more than 35 projects with a great success rate.

The turning point

With a great vision and passion for marketing, Chandan Thakur has laid his path to starting a digital marketing agency in Mumbai. A never-ending love on the online marketing and business growth in India, Chandan started his own start-up company Dgmark Agency in Mumbai and going successfully with his track record.

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My dream is to see our India as a golden bird which is possible when everyone comes into the business. As many businesses are putting down due to lack of efficient marketing strategy. Today, digital marketing has become the most common service. Few companies are demanding big numbers for marketing and freelancer or small companies are promising great results but didn’t deliver what the client expects, which makes other businesses shut down within six months“, Said Chandan Thakur when asked about the current digital marketing scenario in India.

COVID 19 has changed the business space. Today, even offline business right from the small service providers to big companies are depending on online marketing which gives a great boost to digital marketing. COVID-19 is not a stop board because digital marketing is a ray of hope to businesses and it still shows the new way to do business in this pandemic. Chandan Thakur offers the best digital marketing solutions in Mumbai, India. He wants to become a partner in the success and happiness of every business.


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